365: Happy Gotcha Day, Irie!

Today we celebrated Irie’s 5th Gotcha Day! Five years ago, we drove to a shelter two hours away to adopt a blue heeler we’d seen on Petfinder. We quickly realized that the heeler wasn’t a good match for us so we started looking at other dogs at the shelter…and the rest is history!

Irie was just six months old (and a bit underweight) when we first saw her:

She had demodectic mange so she was soon undergoing dips…

…but within the next few months Irie was done with her mange treatments and quickly adjusting to her new home (and her new “sister” Tiki, just a few months later!) Tiki, who’s outgoing to both people and dogs, has helped bring Irie out of her shy shell and now they’re a dynamic duo:

Happy birthday, Irie!


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