365: Hiking Around

Today has been spent in non-stop work (you know how it is!); when I wasn’t on the computer, I was on the phone. Unfortunately I didn’t take a single photo today so I thought I’d share some more photos from our visit to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area last week. We started the day early, right after walking the dogs and buckling them up for the ride:

The first stop was  breakfast at a Sonic drive-in. We’ve taken Irie and Tiki to many drive-thru restaurants but they’ve never been to this Sonic. When the car hop brought breakfast sandwiches (and dog biscuits) to the car, they decided this was their favorite place…

Soon we were on our way to the park. The weather is very temperate here right now so it was a great day to visit Enchanted Rock. We’ve visited many times through the years; it’s beautiful in the spring but can get extremely busy (and they limit admission to the park so it’s never too crowded). The summer turns the rock into a griddle so sunny winter days make a nice time to visit. It was a beautiful day!

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  • Nice way to relax and bond with the dogs! Does going to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area needs to be scheduled?