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As I write this, the mercury is heading on up to a predicted high of 104 degrees…to be followed by more of the same for the next week. I know, though, that autumn’s in sight. After another long, hot Texas summer, within a few weeks, the temperatures will be begin to drop a bit, the morning’s will become a little crisper, and we’ll be ready to step out of the air conditioning for some fall fun with Irie and Tiki.

I know that this fall’s activities will be somewhat curtailed due to Irie’s ACL injury and, most likely, surgery next week. We won’t be able to enjoy long hikes as we usually do in cooler weather but we still have plans for long drives with the dogs and quiet time enjoying the scents of a new destination. And that’s OK, too. As long as we’re all enjoying them together, that’s enough.

This fall’s plans include:

  • Picnics with Irie and Tiki. They both love picnics, even at small parks that we’d normally just drive by as we go about our daily routine. I love that dogs help us to appreciate the simplest (and least expensive) things in life like small parks and the fun of a simple picnic.  We’ll be taking along Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® Savory Jerky for a tasty (and USA-sourced and made) treat for Irie and Tiki.
  • A trip to the beach. Once Irie is cleared to travel and walk short distances, we want to head to the beach for a few days of relaxation. We had planned a summer vacation in Port Aransas in early September but that will have to be postponed due to Irie’s injury, so we hope to take that trip late this autumn, a time that means more birds as they migrate to the warmer area for the winter. We may not be able to do beach walks with Irie, but we know she’d love to just sit in the sand and watch the action.
  • lucky-john-stoveEvening fires in our woodstove. Much of our home’s heat comes from our woodstove (we also have a heat pump) and cooler weather will bring about the need for evening fires. We all love the crackling fires that John builds (even little Lucky. We weren’t sure how he would take to the stove when we adopted him last February but he seems to like it the best of all our pets!)
  • Time to stop and enjoy the change of seasons. Texas doesn’t have the dramatic color changes that some regions enjoy during the autumn months, but, nonetheless, many of the trees do have a color shift late in the fall. I’m going to make a point of getting away from the computer to enjoy the change of seasons with Irie and Tiki. Whether that’s sitting out in the  yard and just enjoying the sound of our sycamore trees rustling as they dry with the changing season or traveling to Lost Maples State Park to see the blaze of color when the weather really starts to cool, I want to be sure to stop and enjoy what’s around me–just as our dogs do every day.
  • Brush burning…and breakfast tacos. If the summer burn ban is lifted this fall (assuming we actually have some much, much needed rain), we’ll need to burn brush. We have many dead trees that were killed in the drought of the past few years, and they present a fire hazard. Irie and Tiki love to sit and watch the brush burning from a safe distance; I always cook breakfast tacos and take them down for us to enjoy by the “campfire.”brushfire-irie

We are looking forward to the change of seasons–and all the fall fun that Irie and Tiki enjoy after a long, hot summer!





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  • SGilbert

    We have had a cool summer. We never make it to 90 degrees and over. Had lots of rain! Hoping for a nice fall. I am so sorry to hear about Irie. I have been so busy the last 2 weeks at school I missed so much on facebook!

    • Oh, that sounds wonderful!! I am summered-out after all the heat we have had. We’re lucky, though, the 100+ degree temperatures waited until late July but it has been non-stop since then. Thank you; Irie is feeling better today with her pain meds! She hurt it Friday morning and we got right into the vet’s office. On Monday, we head to the specialist’s office then probably surgery there that afternoon so we can get her all fixed up!!