Our Big Announcement: PawZaar! #GIVEAWAY


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Fifteen years ago today, we launched our first website, our romantic travel site. Today we are super excited to announce that we are launching a new site that combines both our international travel and pet loves in one: PawZaar.com!

PawZaar.com is an online retail store focused on international goods for pet lovers. With an emphasis on handicrafts and fair trade goods from around the globe, the store really brings together our love of pets with our experience as guidebook writers. Using our contacts from our years of international travel, we’re working to locate the best artisans around the world to bring you handicrafts of special interest to pet lovers.

We’ll also be working to support the non-profits that do so much to help the homeless pets of the world. Our “For a Paws Cause” page details the efforts we’ll be making to make sure a portion of each purchase helps organizations such as WorldVets, SpayUSA, and Global Alliance for Rabies Control. All these non-profits assist a cause very near and dear to our hearts: the many stray dogs around the world.

And we’ll also be earmarking special products, such as our Woven Guatemalan Water Bottle Tote, to help special causes; a portion of the sales from that beautiful and functional bag will go to help send a child to school in the craft cooperative’s school for the children of the artisans.


Along with hand-crafted bags for dog walkers, we’ll also be showcasing unique jewelry, such as paw print bracelets and necklaces from Taxco, Mexico:


Every Sunday, we’ll be adding a new product (sometimes more than one!) to the store. Along with dog-related products, we’ll also have global goods for your favorite cat lover.

We hope you’ll take this journey along with us and check in with us as we continue to expand the store and add more and more products.

Coupon Code: Save 15 Percent!

Through the end of February, save 15 percent on all purchases at PawZaar.com with coupon code lucky (since Valentine’s Day is also the one-year anniversary of of our cat Lucky’s adoption!)

Win a Taxco Paw Print Cuff Bracelet!


We also hope you’ll help us share the news of our new store through our latest giveaway! One lucky reader will win a Taxco Paw Print Cuff Bracelet. Good luck!

From Our Store!

About Paris Permenter & John Bigley

Paris Permenter and John Bigley are the award-winning authors of over 30 pet and travel books as well as the founders and publishers of CatTipper and DogTipper.

  • SGilbert

    I would love to see handcrafted bags or purses. I have this things for bags that are unusual. Congratulations on your new website! I am so excited I will be checking it out today since it is a very cold and very windy snow blowing day!

  • Mary W

    I like unique hand crafted jewelry such as earrings and bracelets to use as gifts.

  • Love the “all my children have paws” necklace! I wear a lot of jewelry with both gold and silver tones …so versatile! Congrats on the new store.

  • Susan Pertierra

    I like things that are useful, so tote bags or food bowls/food mats would be great.

  • Theresa Spaid

    I love the jewelry. T shirts and things like that would be great to see on there also.

  • Ruth Epstein

    I love anything that is from non profit organizations that is from around the world as I love giving back 🙂 The bracelet is beautiful but so are the tote bags 🙂

  • Charles Elwood Goode

    Africa monkey Tiger theme

  • desithebonde

    any type jackets for small and xsmall and collars

  • Heather Bridson

    I would like to see collars and tags from around the world, something different than Petsmart stuff.

  • Patricia Brousseau Caradonna

    Sweaters for XS dogs from around the world (my chawawa loves wearing sweaters cause she is so tiny she gets cold easily)

  • Jennifer Leigh Dace

    I think maybe art or things for the dogs to wear like collars or sweaters.

  • Jennifer D

    I would also love to see dog sweaters. I have such a hard time finding warm ones to fit my pointer/springer/terrier(?) mix who is 37lbs, long and lean. If they fit him around, they’re too short. Large is long enough, but way too big around. My beagle mix has trouble, too. she’s shorter than Finn, bigger in the chest, but also have trouble getting them long enough. I also would love to have them covering a good part of their belly where there’s little fur. Dog blankets would be great, too.

  • I’d love to see blankets. My dog loves snuggling with blankets. 🙂

  • Christine Aiello

    I would love to see doggie clothes and jewelry for humans!

  • Holly Thomas

    I would love to see rings.

  • magentaruby1

    Something with a tropical design would be cool.

  • sherry butcher

    more jewelry, dog toys.

  • Julie McDonough

    Sterling silver jewelry.

  • Maybe some dog themed t-shirts. More jewelry. You’ve done a wonderful job keeping things interesting.

  • Stacy M

    This is so neat! LOVE These!