I Think We Have a Mountain Lion…

Well, I don’t know for certain but I think we might have a mountain lion hanging out in our valley.

I’ve seen reports on Nextdoor that residents of the next valley over have been spotting a mountain lion but I hadn’t seen or heard anything out of the ordinary around our home. Well, late last week I was walking the dogs later than usual when I heard a sound unlike anything I’ve ever heard out here before. Tiki spent the remainder of the walk home looking over her shoulder.

Since then, I’ve been out photographing tracks in the silt alongside our dirt road.

Finding many large paw prints with no sign of claws makes me think these are feline tracks.

Also, our game camera picked up a blurry form that’s not a coyote or fox, which is what’s usually spotted on this camera just outside our front yard. You can see that the form on the right is heavier than the coyote on the left:

Just in case this is a mountain lion hanging around, we’re changing up our routine. I always carry pepper spray on my walks but now I’m making sure those walks are completed before dusk.

We’re also making sure the dogs are indoors once it’s dark. Tiki loves to sit on the porch at night but, at least for now, she’s going to have to stay indoors.

We’re also cutting out middle of the night potty runs. Irie and Tiki go out on a supervised potty run right before bedtime but, if they wake up in the middle of the night, they’re going to need to use puppy pads for now. We’re using Simple Solution All Day Premium Dog Pads which hold up to 10 cups of liquid. (Don’t miss Wednesday’s #SimpleSolution Twitter party we’re co-hosting where we’ll be talking more about pads and giving out over $450 in Simple Solution prizes!)

I’m not taking the chance of running into a mountain lion in the middle of the night!

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  • Wow, both exciting and frightening at the same time. Y’all be careful.

    • It is…it’s kind of neat but, on the other hand, I sure don’t want to run into a mountain lion on our dog walk! I’ve started making sure the evening walk is done EARLY!

  • Dawn Rasor

    Wow!!! That’s crazy! So glad you are taking precautions to keep everyone safe. I think mountain lions are on the increase. There seems to be more and more sightings. Or it’s that we people are moving into their areas. Either way they are dangerous. We have an amazing number of bobcats around us. We have protected wetlands on two sides of our house and there was a bobcat walking on the fallen tree the other day. Gosh they are gorgeous animals.

    • How wonderful to see a bobcat! I have a feeling that they’re in our area, too, but I have never, ever seen one!

  • Shelley Joy P

    Wow! That’s cool but scary. I’m glad you found the tracks and are taking precautions. Stay safe 🙂

    • I’m glad it’s not too hot now so we can still make our evening walk fairly early…way before a mountain lion would get ready for his rounds!

  • sandy weinstein

    that is very scary. we have lots of coyotes and i came face to face with one at night one time, a few summers ago, people saw cougars and bears. hard to believe since i live in the suburbs, but i live in a development where everyone has anywhere from 6-13 acres. i did see the cougar, i saw him running in my woods. i ready to go back to more city living, tired of the geese, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, tons of ticks, copperheads, etc. at night i can go outside on the porch and hear the coyotes howling sometimes. if i have lots of deer around there are not many coyotes around. coyotes took down a large male deer with large antlers right behind by house a few yrs ago and well as a few small does, and several wild turkeys.

    • We have a LOT of coyotes, too. I hear them on most nights but thankfully they’ve retained their fear of humans so they stay back a distance. The other day, though, I was walking the dogs in the middle of the day, and one just stood and watched us in the road. I’m glad Tiki and Irie didn’t react and start barking at him and finally he moved on!