We’ve Got An Eye to the Sky | #Harvey

Well, this has certainly been the week of action in the skies, starting with Monday’s eclipse (when Irie posed with eclipse glasses after the fact…she was busy napping during the event)…

…and now culminating in Hurricane Harvey. We were already worried about relatives close to the coast as well as all the beachfront communities we love so much…

…but now the concern has come inland as well. Here in the Austin area, we’re starting to see some worrisome models with unbelievable rainfall possibilities…

We’re also seeing forecasts with much lighter rainfall but these numbers have certainly caught our attention, with our proximity to our creek. The news is asking people evacuating the coast to head all the way to Dallas so they don’t jump from one disaster into another. We’re currently making flood preparations at our home, including making reservations at a pet-friendly hotel until we hear tomorrow’s forecast.

If you are in the path of Harvey, please take a moment to check our disaster preparedness posts for information on evacuating with your pets. Please stay safe and take your pets with you because this will be a multi-day disaster!

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  • SGilbert

    Keep safe! I hope it is not as bad as they say it will be. Do your animals start to sense there is a storm coming? Skipper does just before a storm is coming he runs out the doggie door and is looking up at the sky and smelling in all directions. Going from standing on the cement to standing on the ground.

    • Our animals have been nervous but what we’ve really noticed is a change in the hummingbirds! They stopped coming to our feeders two weeks ago–although they usually come until early/mid-September. On Friday, some hummingbirds reappeared. I don’t know if our usual hummingbirds left and maybe Friday’s were ones that had left the coast–but I remember reading that residents of the Caribbean once looked to the birds to predict hurricanes. When they all left, everyone knew to look out!

  • Nothing made me more of a weather watcher than moving onto a sailboat. We’ve been watching Harvey too and hoping it is less devastating than expected.

    Glad to hear you are making early preparations for heavy rain. Stay safe!

    • Thanks, Pamela! The coverage coming from the coast sure looks bad. The worst rains should hit here tonight and tomorrow morning although we’re under a flood watch until Tuesday night. Fingers crossed that the forecast is wrong!