Bloggers: How to Fetch a Book Publisher #PetBloggerMonth

September is International Pet Blogger Month, a time that, for us, holds special significance. If you’re new to DogTipper, you may not be familiar with our background; before John and I were pet writers, we were travel writers, specializing in guidebook writing. For years, we worked on international guidebooks (along with some guidebooks to our […]

The New Facebook Pages Changes

Whether you’re managing a rescue’s Facebook page or your pet blog’s page, you probably woke up Wednesday and headed to your computer to check things…only to find out that overnight Facebook had made some big changes. Facebook Pages will have a new Timeline look like the Timeline that’s been available to Profiles for a while.  […]

Halloween Blog Hop!

It’s a blog hop…just in time for Halloween! We’ve got a Halloween-specific blog hop for pet lovers here, a place to share all things Halloween! Look below for links throughout the blogosphere for everything from costume reviews to treat recipes to Halloween giveaways. And if you have a blog (whether it’s a pet blog or […]

Birth of a Pet Blog: Banner Design

In our last “Birth of a Blog” post detailing the launch of our upcoming site, I talked about selecting hosting for your new blog. I’d planned to talk about selecting a template this week (and we’ve got a template selected and purchased) but I’ve decided to instead talk about what I’ve been doing this […]

Birth of a Pet Blog: Hosting

Last week, in our first installment in our “Birth of a Pet Blog” series about our new site, we discussed picking a domain name for a pet blog. Today, it’s on to the next step: hosting. First, before we discuss paid hosting, let’s talk about the free versus paid debate. We know a lot […]

Birth of a Pet Blog: Picking a Name

We’ve got an announcement to make…our family is about to grow (again)! No, it’s not a dog or a cat (but wouldn’t that be fun) but another pet blog! After a lot of back and forth on which way to go, trying to decide whether to create a subsection of DogTipper, CatTipper, or an all-new […]

Social Saturday: Helping the Central Texas Fire Pets

This week has, literally, been a disastrous one for our area here in central Texas. Fires that started last Sunday continue to burn this weekend. The firestorm has left thousands of people without homes. Many pets and livestock were stranded at home when people were away from their homes when the fires struck. Since last […]

Adding the Google +1 Button

Today you’ll see something a little different in the right sidebar of all our DogTipper pages: the Google +1 button. If you have a blog and you’d like to add the Google +1 button, you’ll find the Google instructions very easy to follow. It’s a two-part addition, adding one snippet to your header file and […]

Social Saturday: Adding a Facebook Reveal Page

As we continue our blog mentorship with Have a Heart, a rescue in South Florida, we wanted to take a look at ways to build their Have a Heart, Inc. Facebook fan page. We’ve talked about optimizing their wall and their info page in previous posts, and today we’re going to look at another way […]

Social Saturday: Optimizing Your Facebook Page, Part 2

OK, it’s not Saturday…it’s Tuesday. This has just been one of those weeks! After a vet visit, visit to compounding pharmacy and stressful times spent trying to give stress-reducing medication to our cat Linus, it’s finally time to look at how you can better optimize your Facebook fan page. In our continued blog mentorship series […]