August: A Special Cat of the Day

Although equally capable of loyalty and love as an able-bodied dog or cat, pets with special needs often slip through the cracks in the animal shelter system. Providing an alternative to the options of adoption or euthanasia, Home For Life offers a permanent place for pets who have been dealt a bad hand in life–pets like August, who has found a forever family at the sanctuary. Today we feature a very special Cat of the Day:

Cat’s Name: August

What We Love About August: Named after the month in which a good Samaritan scooped him up on a rain-soaked street, August is loved every day of the year by both his pals with paws and the caring people at Home For Life. Completely deaf and de-clawed, August hasn’t let either disability or abandonment by his original human parent deter him from living life to the fullest. He’s even become a bit of a celebrity at the sanctuary, as his purrfect feline face was captured for posterity by the late Ismael Roldan of the Wall Street Journal for the cover of Home For Life’s 2009 holiday mailing.

August’s Favorite Things: August may be a cat, but he’s top dog during his frequent visits to Home For Life’s residence for Rovers. There he likes to feast on food meant for Fidos and curl up for a cat nap with a canine companion before embarking on an exploration of the grounds’ perennial garden.

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Photo by Sarah Beth Photo, courtesy Home For Life

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