Miley Cyrus and Her Maltepoo (video)

Miley Cyrus loves Millions of Milkshakes
Miley Cyrus loves Millions of Milkshakes

Joining a list of celebrity Maltepoo Moms which already includes Jessica Simpson, Ashley Tisdale and Blake Lively is tween queen Miley Cyrus, who recently received the little bundle of love as an early sweet 16 birthday present. Named Sophie in remembrance of her late grandfather’s canine companion, the Hannah Montana star’s precious puppy enjoys playtime with the family’s menagerie of pets, among them two Yorkshire Terriers who answer to the monikers Roadie and Shooter, a Shih Tzu called Loco, a Dalmation dubbed Juicy and a German Shepherd who proudly wears the name Tex on his dog collar.

Miley shares a milkshake with her Maltepoo in the following Hollywood TV clip:

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