"30 Rock" Star Tracy Morgan with His Dogs

Although his portrayal of Blaster the guinea pig in the family flick G-Force is currently entertaining movie audiences, 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan may have reminisced about his voice over work as Woof, a stray tail-wagger traipsing through Tinseltown in the 2006 animated MTV comedy Where My Dogs At?, as he strolled the streets of New York City recently with his two Cane Corsos, Max and Sugar. Far from the only famous face to be fascinated with the breed, basketball great LeBron James and music legend Patti LaBelle are also proud parents of Cane Corsos.

Max and Sugar share the comedian’s home with an array of wildlife that are not as immediately lovable, including a python, a boa, a tarantula, piranhas, a jellyfish, moray eels, scorpions and sharks.

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  • Its great to see Hollywood in on loving the Cane Corso Breed – We Raise Cane Corso and they are Lovable , Loyal and Powerful !

    Massara’s Cane Corso