Old Spice Star Isaiah Mustafa & His Dog

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He’s The Man Your Man Could Smell Like in a series of side-splitting Old Spice commercials, but to a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Lexi, actor Isaiah Mustafa is the man she knows as Poppa.

The former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver wasn’t on a horse when he arrived at the Silver Spoon Dog and Baby Buffet in May 2010, but he did have his trusty tail-wagging chum by his side as he browsed among booths brimming with Rover-related products.

Lexi got to lounge on a Cozy Puff dog bed during the event:




DogTipper editor John Bigley had the opportunity to chat with Isaiah Mustafa:


Photo Credit: DogTipper.com

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  • Ann

    Rhodesian Ridgebacks are great dogs. Many years ago I had a neighbor, who had one named “Rudy”. He was a big dog. Gentle as a lamb unless you were running down the street. I was a runner at the time & always feared that Rudy would be outside. If he was, I stood very still & let him sniff around me then slowly walk away. He just didn’t like people running on HIS street.

  • http://aol Barbara Katzen

    Hi: love the pictures you both look great and of course lexi too lol love you,mimi