Save $5 & PetHub Donates $1 to Petfinder Foundation!

As you know, we’re getting ready kickoff Super Dog Sunday, a charitable event that benefits Petfinder Foundation to help them in their work to find homes for homeless animals. We’ve got a whole lineup of prizes thanks to our generous sponsors who are also donating to help Petfinder Foundation!

And now we’ve got one more way you can help Petfinder Foundation…and save $5 at the same time! PetHub is donating $1 for every time this $5 coupon code is used: SUPERDOG. This code is valid through midnight Pacific Time on Friday, February 10, 2012.

PetHub specializes in QR tags to help your dog or cat get home ASAP if they’re ever lost. Your pet’s QR tag can be scanned by most smartphones when your pet is found, providing access to all the contact (and veterinary) information you’d like to supply about your pet! You can opt for cute QR tags like these…

PetHubâ„¢ Link Tags; photo courtesy PetHub

…or PetHub Scruff Tags with the tag built right in like this…

PetHubâ„¢ Link ScruffTag Collar; photo courtesy PetHub

…or you can opt to upgrade your free subscription to a paid subscription plan to hold more information about your pet and to send out shelter alerts and provide GPS mapping if needed!

Please be sure to check out the PetHub offerings and, if you decide to purchase any items, to use the special coupon code so your purchase will help benefit the Petfinder Foundation!

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