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Recently we reviewed PSCPets Skin And Coat Soft Chews For Dogs, one of many PSCPets branded products. Like all PSCPets brand products, these premium-quality supplements are veterinarian formulated and developed, and are produced in a state-of-the-art facility in America’s heartland, Wisconsin.

Now we have an exclusive coupon code only for DogTipper readers so you can try PSCPets products at a 15 percent discount! Here are just a few of the company’s many products:

  • PSCPets Aging Support: to help support healthy joints and overall vitality in senior dogs.
  • PSCPets Daily Maintenance Soft Chews: to supplement the nutritional needs of working, active and adult dogs, as well as senior dogs of all sizes and breeds.
  • PSCPets Joint Assist Treats with Probiotics:  Crunchy treats with a peanut butter flavor contain Glucosamine to help maintain joint and tissue function as well as strong bones, plus Chondroitin which has been shown to help increase the efficiency of Glucosamine.
  • PSCPets IntelliFlora™: a daily probiotic nutritional supplement formulated for both dogs and cats.
  • PSCPets Daily Enzymes with Prebiotics: to promote a happy, healthy digestive system.

Coupon Code:

For 15 percent off PSCPets branded products at, use the code TRYPSCBRAND at checkout.

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