GREENIES Tops Amazon Bestseller List

We noticed today that GREENIES is the number one bestselling product on in the Pets department! As you know, bestselling products are often discounted and we found some deep discounts on many of these products. Below you’ll see the current price for many of the GREENIES canine dental chews, some over 40 percent off the list price:

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  • Are you familiar with a recall on Greenies? I was hearing rumblings about it this weekend on Facebook, but I haven’t been able to confirm anything.

    • No, I have not heard anything about a recall and I was last in touch with Greenies on Friday. I am going to check in with the company directly this morning, though, and just reconfirm but I think it was one of those urban myth things. I’ll keep everyone posted!

      • Thanks – please keep me posted! I give them to my dachshund, who is 14 years old, and she loves them. But when I heard that there’s a problem with the ingredients not being completely digestible, well, you can imagine my concern. I hope you’re right that it’s just an urban myth.

        • Hi Christina! I just talked with The Nutro Company and there’s no recall at all; it started with misinformation on someone’s FB page and spread from there. They’re encouraging anyone with questions, though, to give Greenies Customer Care Team a call: 1-866-GREENIES (1-866-473-3643) Mon-Fri from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm CST.

          • Thank you for the information! I hadn’t mentioned the recall on The Lazy Pit Bull FB page, but now that I know it’s not legit, I will post the information you included in your comment above. Thanks again!

  • sandy weintein

    i have not used greenies for many yrs. my breeder says big no, they also have glutton, even their pills greenies caused problems and allergies w/ my dog-cost me a vet visit…will not use greenies, so many other better all natural chews to give your dogs… you also have to watch them, as you would any other treat you give them, to make sure they dont choke on them or swallow them whole…my breeder had one of her dogs she sold die from greenies.