40% Off #Kurgo Sale on Dog Coats!


Well, we all now know that the groundhog says there will be six more weeks of winter (and even here in Texas we’re waiting for another round of sleet this week!) That means your dog will still have plenty of chances to wear that winter coat you buy in the just-announced Kurgo Dog Coat Winter Clearance Sale!

Kurgo is offering 40 percent off all dog coats, except the Loft Line. They are available for as long as supplies last.

Tiki has been wearing a DIY coat this season so I took advantage of the sale to purchase this coat for her:


Isn’t it beautiful? (And don’t these look a lot like the DogTipper colors!) This is the Portsmouth coat and I think it will be so pretty on Tiki! It’s water-resistant so I think this will be great for her to wear on drizzly walks this spring, too. Like all of Kurgo’s products, it has a lifetime warranty.

To receive the discount, use coupon code DOGCOAT14 at checkout on the Kurgo website. The offer is valid through Feb. 14, 2014 and supplies are limited.

Kurgo is a sponsor of DogTippper.com. We only partner with companies whose products we use with our own dogs!

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