Archie: Miniature Schnauzer

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My Dog’s Name: Archie

Age of My Dog: 3 and a half years

Miniature Schnauzer

What I Love About My Dog: Archie is a stinky bouncy bundle of fluff. He has many crazy habits and tonnes of quirks and foibles.

He loves to cuddle, likes playing with his Kong and will do just about anything for food!

Archie also has his own blog, where we write about our adventures and feature other Schnauzers:

–contributed by Carly in Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK


Paris Permenter is an award-winning author of over 30 pet and travel books. Along with her husband, John Bigley, Paris is the founder and publisher of CatTipper and DogTipper.

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  • Carly

    Wow thank you for featuring Archie as dog of the day. He’s very happy about it & strutting around like he’s top dog.


  • Ryan

    Archie is a handsome dog! My friend had a miniature schnauzer growing up and they’d be my top choice if/when I decide to get a dog.