Adoptable Dog of the Day: Lily in West Virginia

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Lily is a mixed breed (possibly American Eskimo Dog or Husky) female who is being cared for by Friends for Life Inc. in Lewisburg, WV. Lily is special needs dog as she is blind in her left eye due to a detached retina; the examining veterinarian believes that this condition is permanent. That, and other indications (she is wary of some men), have led the shelter to conclude that she was in an abusive or neglectful situation in her earlier life.

Fortunately, she is still a happy, lively and affectionate dog who loves to play. She knows several basic commands and is house trained. Her eye does not cause her pain but the condition will need to be monitored when she is adopted. She will need a home with a secure fence as she is somewhat of an escape artist.

Lily is spayed and up to date with her routine shots. She will make a great companion for the family who can give her the care she needs.

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  • Rachel

    Wow, this dog looks so much like my white husky/lab mix that just passed away a few days ago. I am not looking yet but husky mixes make great pets and loyal friends for life!

    • Paris & John

      Rachel, I’m so, so sorry to hear about your loss! It’s so difficult to lose a member of your family… Paris