Adoptable Dog of the Day: Angel in Texas

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Adoptable dog’s name: Angel

Location (city, state) of adoptable pet: Austin, TX

Age of adoptable dog: 4 years

Breed: Pit Bull mix

What makes this dog special: Angel was a stray who showed up in our neighborhood one day. It took two months of gaining her trust before we were able to catch her and bring her inside. She has come a long way since then but still needs work to overcome her shyness and fears. Even after a short time with her, we see the potential she has to love those who are kind to her – she loves to give us kisses and loves to play! When she runs in the backyard, she bounds like a little bunny, and she comes inside when she’s called. She’s smart, sweet, and just needs someone to show her the love and patience she deserves.

What kind of household would be best for this dog?: Angel needs a calm household with someone who has the patience to bring her out of her shell. She absolutely adores her three foster brothers so a home with other dogs to show her the ropes would be perfect! She does well with cats as well.

Special recommendations, restrictions for adoption of this dog: Someone with experience working with fearful dogs would be best. She needs someone who can boost her confidence. Angel is heartworm positive but Love-A-Bull will pay for her treatment if it is not completed before her adoption.

About the rescue or shelter with this dog: I Love Rescue Animals’ own Ashley and Nikki are the foster parents for Angel. They worked to gain her trust and have been trying to help her overcome her fears. ILRA is a volunteer-run organization put together by two passionate women and their happy, fluffy, rescued mutt named Spunky (the beloved mascot). Our goal is to raise awareness about the positive impact adopting and rescuing animals has on the world. We advocate adoption and giving second chances to those in dire need of homes.

Twitter account for more information on this dog: @RescueAnimals

Contact person for more information on this dog: Ashley Niels

Contact information (email, web site URL, and/or phone):

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