Dog of the Day: Gizmo, Pomeranian

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My Dog’s Name: Gizmo

Age of My Dog: 3 years

Breed: Pomeranian

What I Love About My Dog: He’s very affectionate and loves to cheer anyone up!

He is a superhero. He always finds those in need to bring a smile to their face!

-contributed by Amy in Coppell, TX











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  • Amy Miller

    OMG, he is so adorable! I have 4 dogs, my smallest are my brother/sister rescues. They are half rat terrier and half chihuahua, named Mr. Darcy & Nettle. I’m always thinking of the next dog I want to adopt and poms are at the top of the list. Gizmo is exactly the kind of cutie I would want. Does he get along well with other small dogs? So nice to hear he loves people! My Yorkie is the friendliest dog I’ve ever had! She adores children and loves it when they chase her! Do the poms shed a lot? I battle the fur daily since 3 of my fuzzy kids shed! I brush them all every day and vacuum daily. Wish they didn’t shed! Congrats on Dog of the Day, he is a cutie!

  • uncle weener

    OMG i want to be inside him