Adoptable Dog of the Day: Bailey, Aussie/Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

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Adoptable dog’s name: Bailey

Location (city, state) of adoptable pet: St Louis, MO

Age of adoptable dog: 8 years

Breed: Aussie/Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

What makes this dog special: Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Ready Made Dog’? It refers to a dog who requires little to no additional training; who displays few or no behavioral problems. They are hard to find when you set out to adopt a new dog to bring into the family. If you’ve been searching for a ready made dog, you’ve found it in Bailey!

What kind of household would be best for this dog?: Bailey is fine with all dogs big and small, is definitely not dominant, and is good with kids as long as they aren’t using her as a jungle gym. Do you like lounging in front of your TV after a long day? So does Bailey. She does not need to be entertained for hours on end. She does, however, like bum-scratches – but is content to do it herself if needed. Even though she likes her cuddle time, Bailey also loves to get out and enjoy life. She is a perfect lady on the leash, and loves romping with her fur-siblings. If you didn’t know better, you’d think she was still a puppy. Bailey is completely housebroken. She will even bark at you to signal that she needs to go outside! She is also crate trained and is happy to chill in her crate if you need her to.

Special recommendations, restrictions for adoption of this dog: She’s a little bit nervous about thunderstorms and rolled up newspapers, but soft talking and petting will calm her down quickly.

About the rescue or shelter with this dog: Australian Shepherd Rescue Midwest Inc. is a Not-For-Profit 501c3 organization dedicated to the rescue, and adoption of the Australian Shepherd, as well as offering help to the public in education and training of the Australian Shepherd, for families throughout the Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin and Minnesota area. It is an all volunteer, all foster home rescue – we have no shelter or storefront. Every Aussie that comes to us is examined for temperament and disposition, and tested in a variety of situations so we know what is best for the dog and owner.

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Contact person for more information on this dog: Laura Thomson

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