Dog of the Day: Lily

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My Dog’s Name: Lily

Age of My Dog: 2 years

My Dog’s Birthday or Gotcha Day (or month): March 23, 2011

About My Dog’s Birthday: We don’t know the exact day Lily was born but her vet estimated it was late March. When I found her she was extremely dehydrated and malnourished; the vet said she wouldn’t have lasted another day. Her birthday is a day to celebrate saving her life and her saving ours! She is the sweetest, most loving dog I’ve ever had. Didn’t think I could love a dog this much!

For rescues only: how I got my dog: Lily was found behind my office in August 2011 in the midst of extreme 100+ temps. She weighed only 13 lbs and was around 8 months old (per my vet’s estimation). She was extremely dehydrated, scared, and barking with tail tucked. I brought her into the office with the help of co-workers, gave her water and a quiet place to rest. Took her home to a less than thrilled husband but 2 days later she had a forever home. Now she’s a spoiled lap dog!

-contributed by Rae in Rosenberg, TX

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