Video Dog of the Day: Mr. Darcy, RatChi

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My Dog’s Name: Mr. Darcy

Age of My Dog: 2 years

Breed: RatChi (Rat Terrier/Chihuahua Mix)

What I Love About My Dog: What don’t I love! He is my Prince Charming. I’m quite sick from Lupus SLE and this little guy is my snuggle buddy. He helps me cope with being sick every day (my other 3 furkids help tons too). He is the quintessential lap dog and showers me with love.

For rescue dogs only: How I got my dog: I fostered a pregnant momma and then her litter of 4 for 10 weeks. I had planned on finding them all furever homes, but I fell in love with TWO of the pups, Mr. Darcy and his little runt sister, Nettle. The two were inseparable. Mr. Darcy has taken special care of Nettle since they were born. I fell in love with them and couldn’t imagine them seperated. Now my fur family has grown to a pack of 4 furkids. I thought I was rescuing Mr. Darcy, but turns out he rescued me in so many ways.

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-contributed by Amy in Ashland, OR

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