Dog of the Day: Ruby

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My Dog’s Name: Ruby

Age of My Dog: 6 years this month!

My Dog’s Birthday or Gotcha Day (or month): Feb. 14, 2007

About My Dog’s Birthday: I saw Ruby on the local news as Pet of the Week. When I adopted her in early April she seemed to be about 7 weeks old. So we counted backward and landed on Valentine’s Day. That seemed more than appropriate so we made that her date of birth.

For rescues only: how I got my dog: I walked into the house at 12:55 pm and glanced over to see the local news and a blue-eyed puppy on their news desk. I had not had a dog in 18 years!  I dawdled down to the Michigan Humane Society, figuring she would be gone when I got there. It’s rather a long story but I got to adopt her. It was a Friday and I could not have her until the following Tuesday. On that Monday they spayed, tattoed, and micro-chipped her. I was there Tuesday morning before they opened. She is a wonderful dog and the best companion. Our favorite thing to do is hike so she can RUN, which she gets to do very regularly. She is my constant companion and comes with me on gardening jobs. I do not know where the 6 years have gone.

-contributed by Ellen in Royal Oak, MI

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