Dog Travel Experts


We *love* to travel with our dogs. Irie and Tiki add so much to our travels, and have introduced us once again to the joy of road trips. Our guidebook DogTipper’s Texas with Dogs (Open Road Publishing, distributed by Simon & Schuster) joins many of our other road trip books:

  • Day Trips from Austin
  • Day Trips from San Antonio
  • Day Trips from Houston
  • Insiders’ Guide to San Antonio
  • and more.

Paris also spent 14 months co-hosting the Dog Travel Experts radio show on the Radio Pet Lady Network.

In DogTipper’s dog-friendly travel section, you’ll find dog travel tips for everyday people on everyday budgets. While we’d absolutely love to enjoy high-end getaways with our dogs, our budget–like those of many dog lovers–doesn’t allow it. Instead, we are always on the lookout for getaways that are as budget-friendly as they are dog-friendly. In fact, we’ve written a column for FIDO Friendly magazine for two years about “Bowser on a Budget” and great places to take your dog when the budget is on a short leash.

Our new pet travel work joins our work for the past two decades as travel writers. Through the years, we’ve written over 30 guidebooks and 2,500 travel articles on destinations around the world. We’ve covered all types of travel, from romantic and family travel to corporate and meetings travel. We have to say, though, that for all the excitement of international travel, traveling with our dogs to free and low-cost locations often close to home can be even more rewarding. We love being able to pick up and go at a moment’s notice and change our itinerary to suit our interests, the weather, and our dogs!