Holiday Gift Guide: Super Shuttle Sponsorship Ornament

We all know dog lovers that don’t really want or need anything for the holidays. They’ve got everything they need…but still you’d like to give them something to recognize just how special they are in your life.

We found a great gift idea that’s quick, easy, and can make ALL the difference in the life of a dog without a family. Alabama’s Shelby Humane Society is offering $50 ornaments, each with the photo of a dog that you select for ‚ÄúSuper Shuttle Sponsorship.”

The purchase of an ornament means that the selected shelter dog will receive a ride to shelter partners in New England where adoptive families are seeking dogs! The recipient of your gift also gets an ornament like the one above. You can select the specific dog you’d like to sponsor.

You’ll remember that Alabama was hard-hit by an outbreak of tornadoes in April. Resources are tight. Giving a dog an opportunity to travel to New England for adoption is especially important this year.

This gift is quick and easy to give and can make all the difference in the life of a shelter dog!

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