Diet & Fitness Gift Guide: “Dieting with My Dog”

Book: Dieting With My Dog: One Busy Life; Two Full Figures and Unconditional Love

Author: Peggy Frezon

Publisher: Hubble & Hattie

DogTipper Review: Dieting With My Dog is a straightforward, honest account of the author Peggy Frezon’s efforts to overcome her struggles with weight. She had tried diet after diet but nothing “took” until she discovered a secret weapon to help her deal with her weight issues: her overweight Spaniel named Kelly with weight issues of her own.

By adopting a “buddy system” with Kelly, Frezon was at last able to deal with not only her indulgent habits but also to discover the underlying reasons for her own weight struggles.

The author writes with unusual candor and humor. Her gracefully-told story of her shared journey to fitness with Kelly is a testament to the power of unconditional love.

The book is a handsomely bound paperback sprinkled with numerous color photos of the author and Kelly as they battle their way to better health and trimmer figures. The book will certainly appeal to dog lovers and to anyone who has struggled with similar problems in their life. Inspiring, yet down to earth, Dieting with my Dog is a cautionary tale that ends in triumph.

With the indulgent meals of the holidays leaving their souvenir around many of our waistlines, both human and canine, this book might just be the perfect literary antidote.

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Disclosure: We received a copy of Dieting with my Dog for review; we were not paid for our review and all opinions are entirely our own.

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  • It must be a terrific book. I own it and lent it to a friend to look at and I haven’t seen it since. 🙂

    • LOL…that’s the true test!! It’s such a fun read with some great advice! Paris