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As our regular readers know, we had a HOT summer to end all hot summers here last year. With over 90 days topping 100 degrees, it was just about impossible to stay cool. Like many, when our dogs were outside, we added ice to their water. (They didn’t spend much time outside…Tiki prefers to lie in front of the AC vents in the summer…but Irie insists on morning naps on the porch, regardless of the weather!)

Well, it looks like we’re not alone in adding ice to our dogs’ water bowls; a press release we received from a new product called FrostyBowlz® says that 43 percent of the dog owners surveyed add ice cubes to their dog’s bowl on warm days.

FrostyBowlz gives you the same effect of cool water for your pets but without the ice cubes thanks to the use of the FrostyCore™, a non-toxic core that you pop in your freezer. Once frozen, sandwich the FrostyCore between the bowl itself and its base (both with a non-skid surface). The bowl and base plate are made with heavy gauge stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.

Here’s a FrostyBowlz video about use of this bowl:

Along with being able to cool your dog’s water and food, there’s another feature we really liked about the FrostyBowlz: it has a special moat you can fill with water to keep ants out of your dog’s food and water, especially important during the summer months!

A recipient of one of the BlogPaws Best in Show awards at this year’s Global Pet Expo, FrostyBowlz is an innovative way to cool your dog’s water (and canned food) during the summer months. The FrostyCore will keep the water and food cool for 8-14 hours depending on just how hot your summer day is!

Price: The FrostyBowlz with one FrostyCore is priced at $26.99 when purchased through FrostyBowlz; the company also sells a version with the bowl and two FrostyCores so you can keep one core in the freezer, ready to go. You can also purchase additional FrostyCores.

For More Information:

Disclosure: We received a FrostyBowlz for review; we were not paid for our review and all opinions are entirely our own.

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  • Guy B.

    This is a brilliant product!  Don’t forget cats. My cat always insists on licking the cold condensation off of my Big Gulp cups and he prefers water that just came out of the fridge. I’m buying one for him!
    – GB

    • Our cats do the SAME thing with condensation on cups! Paris

  • Florida

    This Is Great!!!! Cant wait to get one