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Everyone definitely wants to be comfortable on their daily dog walks…and that’s why the Get-A-Grip™ Leash was designed to be the World’s Most Comfortable Leash.

Created by Walk In Sync inventor Alecia Evans (of the Ask Alecia column here on DogTipper), the Get-A-Grip™ leash is designed to be bio-mechanically correct for humans, putting your shoulder in its safest position to eliminate any undue stress on your joints or ligaments. Its soft grips prevent leash burn on your palms, too!

The Get-A-Grip™ Leash comes in two sizes: 5/8″ x 6’ or 1” x 6’ so you can select the size most appropriate for your dog, whether that’s large…

…or small…

Both sizes are available in four colors: red, turquoise, chocolate, and black. All are priced at $23.95…but there’s a special 10 percent discount for DogTipper readers! Use coupon code wis10 for your discount.

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