What’s New: New Dog Grooming Products from FURminator

Product: FURminator® New Dog Grooming Tools

Manufacturer: FURminator® Inc., Fenton, MO

Professionals know it pays to have the right tools for the job, whether repairing an engine or fine tuning Rover’s coat. Industry-leader FURminator has introduced a new series of products to help with the latter job, designed to be used in tandem to help ensure your dog gets that perfect groom.

FURminator’s website has a handy online feature to help you select the best options for your pooch. To use it:

  • Visit www.furminator.com/grooming-solutions/dogs
  • Click on the “Tell Us About Your Dog” button.
  • Make the necessary selections until the “Find My Tool” button appears. Click the button.
  • The website will suggest two tools based on your dog’s size, coat length, and coat quality. Write down the names of these tools.

For us, the website recommended starting with the Dual Brush ($19.99) to remove tangles, loose hair and debris. The Dual Brush has different bristles on each side. One side has flexible metal pin bristles set in a padded base; it is useful for brushing long-coated dogs.

The other side has a nylon bristle brush suited for shorter coats. The brush’s head flexes to allow for following the natural contours of your dog.

For short-haired dogs, follow up with the Curry Comb ($15.99) to remove any remaining loose hair and dust particles from the coat. The compact Curry Comb has short rubber teeth which also stimulate production of the coat’s natural oils. It has a strap across the back which holds the comb in a comfortable, efficient position.

For longer-haired dogs, this step can be done with the FURminator Rake ($19.99). Other entries in the product line include:

  • large and small-sized Finishing Combs for curly, silky and wiry coats ($20.99/$18.99)
  • Slicker Brushes which come in firm and soft textures and in large and small sizes ($20.99 – $22.99)
  • nail clippers ($19.99)
  • cordless nail grinder ($39.99)
  • quoted prices are MSRP

The product line features anti-microbial plastic construction which minimize germs and allows easy cleaning. With these tools in hand, you’ll soon be grooming like a pro.

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Disclosure: We received a Dual Brush and Curry Comb for review; we were not paid for our review and all opinions are entirely our own.

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  • with a long haired doxie at home-we’re always looking for good brushes-these look good!!!