What’s New: PrideBites

We just received a fun new toy from PrideBites, a company named “Coolest New Company of 2012” by BlogPaws at the 2012 Global Pet Expo. PrideBites creates flat, floatable, washable dog toys called PrideBite™ in a variety of shapes including animal designs, collegiate designs, and even custom logos!

We received Cooper the Dog to review; soft and fleeced on one side with embroidery, the toy contains two squeakers. The flat shape means it can double as a flying disc. Toss it on your next trip to the lake and then just wring it out to dry. The toy is lightweight and easy to toss in a backpack for your day out with your dog.

The PrideBites toys sell for $11.99 for the animal line and $$13.99 for the collegiate line. They’re sold online and at selected stores.

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Disclosure: We received a sample PrideBites toy for review; we were not paid for our review and all thoughts and opinions are entirely our own.

Photo courtesy PrideBites

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