What’s New: Sounds for Hounds

We’ve just received word of a new product: “Sounds for Hounds: Noise Therapy for Pups and Nervous Dogs” by Soundskapes. Available from Dogwise.com as well as Amazon.com (CD and Mp3) and iTunes, Sounds for Hounds includes 21 themed live recordings, from babies to fireworks to vacuum cleaners — designed to train or rehabilitate both puppies and sound-phobic dogs. In all, 55 everyday sounds are featured.

For puppies, the recordings are designed to aid puppy socialization and to help prevent the development of sound phobias. For older pups and adult dogs, it can be used – in conjunction with the Sounds for Hounds positive reinforcement training guide (included with the CD or downloadable from www.soundskapes.com) – as a desensitization and sound phobia training tool. (And for families expecting a new two-legged member, Soundskapes also offers “Sounds for hounds – Babies and Toddlers: Noise therapy for pups and dogs” with everything from baby cooing to crying, toddler chitchat, and more.)

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