2012 Gift Guide: Walk In Sync

Our readers have heard us praise Walk In Sync, the humane training system invented by Alecia Evans, many times. Alecia is a holistic dog trainer and the author of the “Ask Alecia” column here on DogTipper. Alecia’s Walk In Sync features a front clip harness, one that works with your dog rather than, like a back clip harness, actually encouraging pulling.

Along with the Walk In Sync™ Harness, the Get-a-Grip Leash is designed to be bio-mechanically correct, putting your shoulder in its safest position to eliminate any undue stress on your joints or ligaments. It also has comfort pads so even those new to dog walking know just where to put their hands for best control and best communication with your dog. Finally, the Walk In Sync™ 3 Easy Steps system features videos to help you quickly and easily learn to walk your dog so that you and your dog enjoy the walk together.

We give Walk in Sync a big paws up for its comfort for your dog and you!

Price: Leashes: $23.95; $52 for system with leash, harness, and training video access


Win a Walk in Sync system complete with harness, leash, and video access!



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