Fido + Fluffy’s #FreebieFriday Ends a Soggy Week

We’re wrapping up another soggy week here–and Irie has taken to her safe place, tucking her head beneath a couch pillow. She’s spent several nights this week under all the bed covers, only to relocate to the couch pillow during the day. Maybe, maybe the rain and storms will let up this evening… Rainy days […]

Win Innovet Pet Products Including Purbreath No Brush Oral Care!

This month we’re testing Innovet Pet Products’ Purbreath No Brush Oral Care, an all-natural option for teeth cleaning, great for dogs who don’t want their teeth brushed as well as senior dogs who need dental care without going under anesthesia. California-based Innovet Pet Products offers a wide range of natural products for your dog, from […]

Fido + Fluffy’s #FreebieFriday Gets Ready for Summer

Whew…it’s starting to feel a whole lot like summer here! This week we hit a heat index of 97 degrees so I know triple digit temperatures aren’t far behind. Fortunately our spring rains have our creek running so Irie and Tiki are enjoying twice daily swims! It’s time for this week’s Fido + Fluffy’s Freebie […]

Who Won the Pet Qwerks Prize Pack?

I know that many of you have been waiting to see who the four winners of the Pet Qwerks prize baskets are! The lucky winners–who each receive a $50 prize pack of Flavorit chew toys and Babble Balls specially sized for their dog, are: Tracy Wirick Linda Szymoniak Marilyn Nawara Rhonda Standfast I’ve emailed each […]

Who Won the Innovet Prize Pack?

Thanks everyone for entering the Innovet Pet Products giveaway for a $70 collection of Innovet products for your dog. We have our winners! Congratulations to Debra Hall and Robin Creager, selected at random as our winners! I’ve emailed you both for your mailing addresses; if you don’t see my email, please email me. We’ll be […]

Win a Stick and Handheld Vacuum!

This week we’ve been busy, busy moving furniture to make way for our new pet kitchen. Every time–and I mean EVERY time–we move furniture in this house, I’m shocked by the dust…and pet fur…that has made its way behind and beneath the furniture. Regardless of how clean the floor in front of the furniture was, […]

Fido + Fluffy’s #FreebieFriday Works on a Pet Kitchen!

We’ve had a fun project underway this week…a pet kitchen! With all the pet food, medications, and products in our house, I’ve been wanting a dedicated space just for the pets…so we’ve taken part of our living room to be the pet kitchen! This fun DIY project is still underway but I’ll be back with […]

Win a Heart PIT BULLS Bracelet!

The latest addition to our exclusive Paw Promise cuff bracelet line, the PIT BULLS bracelet proclaims your love and support for Pitties in a sleek, stainless style. adjustable to most arms…just give the bracelet a squeeze nickel- and lead-free stainless steel 65mm diameter 3mm width 2mm thickness arrives in a gift box, ready for gifting! […]

Fido + Fluffy’s #FreebieFriday Returns from the Beach!

Hooray…after last week’s weather delay, we were able to make our quick beach getaway this week! We just returned home after three nights in Port Aransas, Texas, definitely one of Irie and Tiki’s favorite getaways. We’ll be back tomorrow with lots of photos from our fun trip but, first, it’s time for this week’s Fido […]

Win a $50 Prize Pack from Pet Qwerks (4 winners!)

We’ve been having day after day of rainy weather here lately–and you know what that means for our dogs. With only very abbreviated dog walks, we’ve been looking for ways to entertain our dogs in the house–so imagine our interest when we learned about the interactive toys by Pet Qwerks that entertain and challenge your […]

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