Giveaway: Valentine’s Dog Toys from DogTuff CLOSED

**This giveaway is closed. Out of 874 entries, our winner is Alexis. Congratulations!**

What are you getting your dog for Valentine’s Day? In this giveaway, we’ve got some toys your dog will love…regardless of how much he loves to chew!

Thanks to DogTuff, one lucky DogTipper reader will win:

  • a Bumi Large 10” Love Red (a great tug toy!)
  • one medium red/teal Orbee ball 3” ¼ (Great Chew Toy)…10 out of 10 paws!
  • one large Love Red Zisc 8.5” (Perfect Fetch Toy)…durable and soft on gums and teeth!

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We’ve got several ways to enter in the Rafflecopter below; as always, you can do as many or as few of the entries as you like. This giveaway is open to US mailing addresses. The giveaway ends at 12:01am Eastern on Friday, Feb. 2, 2012. Good luck!

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Disclosure: DogTuff is providing the prize for this giveaway; we were not paid to conduct this giveaway.

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  • Tabitha Evans

    not usually,no.

  • Yes, if we can find cute treats, we usually give each pup a treat, and a new stuffie. 😀  They are part of our family! 

  • Lila391

    this will be the first year i will have her on valentines day but i will buy her one even if i dont win 🙂

  • Anonymous

    my mom will give her a card, and give me a card signed by her. she will get something extra yummy that day.

  • Danielle E.

    Yes, Wilson usually gets a new bone and squeeky

  • Sharon K

    We’ll give them special treats for Valentines Day. I’d love to find toys the girls wouldn’t destroy within minutes.  We didn’t nick name them the ‘Terror Twins’ for nothing. 🙂

  • Laura Jacobson

    This is my first year with Murphy.  I just adopted him on Halloween.  But…I always give my dog a valentines day present…he will get a toy and treat. 🙂  

  • Copperlulu

    My Lulu gets presents for EVERYTHING! And why shouldn’t she, she is PERFECT!

  • I haven’t ever given them a Valentines Day present before so if we win this they will be in for a real treat.


    Awwwwww Vday! Time to give my sweetie a treatie!

  • cstironkat

    Whenever we celebrate the Milele and Kouga our dogs always get something special because they are part of our family.

  • Any holiday or occasion that our family members get presents, so does our dog Jake. He’s more like a human than a dog anyway (he lays his head strategically on the pillow like a human when he’s sleeping). I definitely plan on getting him a Valentine’s day present!

  • My wife will use just about any excuse to buy our lab a new toy or treat. I think I usually pick the most durable toys and she picks the better treats.

  • Amy Orvin

    Yes, My pets are so spoiled. They get treats and toys about 3 times a week. But, yes, they def. get valentine’s gifts

  • JoeJames

    Yes, sometimes a new toy or sometimes a treat.

  • My Bella loves all kinds of toys! She would love this!

  • This will be our first Valentine’s Day together. She is only three months old and chewing on everything! This toys would be awesome for her. Thanks!

  • Catie Russo

    This will only be our second Valentine’s Day with Dexter.  Last year he got a special doggy cupcake!

  • Zachsmom1110

    Be my Valentine 🙂

  • Dawn-Murphy’s mommy

    Yes, they each get a special treat!!!

  • These would be awesome for Torrey.

  • Ashley M O’Roark

    I always give my dog presents for Valentines. He is included in all holiday celebrations!

  • Mary Witter

    Last year, by Valentine’s Day, Casey had only been home with me for a couple of weeks, so we don’t have a long Valentine’s Day history.  I got him a plush valentine toy that became his favorite toy for riding in the car.  Here’s a picture of CR and his valentine (months later):

  • Nancyj

    I usually bake special cookies for my babies on Valentine’s Day

  • They usually only get cookies, it’s hard with 8 because they steal each others toys lol

  • Alexis

    Usually not, but sometimes a treat 🙂

  • Tara

    Sometimes I will give my dogs a special treat.

  • Carri

    We always try to give them treats or toys on each holiday!!

  • Sometimes I will give our dogs a special treat on Valentine’s Day, but I don’t usually go out and buy anything for them specifically for Valentine’s Day

  • Charlton Dane

    Looks like fun!

  • Ahalaia

    Christmas, Birthday but not Valentines day

  • Christine Aiello

    Yes my dog gets a present for every holiday and she gets presents for her birthday and the anniversary of the day I bought her home! She is always getting presents! LOL!

  • Colleen

    My girls always get a little somethingno matter what the day or occasion.

  • Colleen

    My girls always get a little somethingno matter what the day or occasion.

  • Ddrew717

    My dogs are spoiled they gets gifts for every holiday plus many other days just because lol

  • Ddrew717

    My dogs are spoiled they gets gifts for every holiday plus many other days just because lol

  • Tspaid54

    Not usually but they would love  one!

  • My two pups would love these toys

  • Pittiemom77

    We always give our dogs and our foster dogs new toys for every holiday. Our dogs (and cats) are family!

  • Sharon Gilbert

    Yes… we always give our dogs presents on Valentine’s Day plus they have a special dinner.

  • Cynthia Downer

    Not yet, but maybe if I win, they will expect something again next year and I will have to lol

  • Shelley P

    I always buy the dogs a few things for Valentine’s Day : )

  • Ashley

    Well since is the first valentines day with our new dog yes I will be getting her a toy 🙂 thanks!!

  • of course !! Spencer is a family member ! but i dont know if im buying anything for my kids !! lol

  • We give our dogs treats for all the major holidays; And after baths. They look forward to baths now because they know what is coming afterwards.

  • Donna C.

    I usually don’t give our dogs a valentines present. They do get Christmas presents

  • Beagle04666

    I usually don’t give them anythingbut maybe a special treat or an extra belly rub. They like that best. But they both love rubber toys!

  • I usually do get all of my pets a new toy and some special treats for all of  the holidays, Roxy and Molly would love t win these toys.

  • Ashley c

    Last year we gave our dog just a little toy. She was still benefitting from Christmas

  • Sandrine

    I don’t give anything special for Valentine’s day to my dog. Just kisses!
    I might buy him a toy this year though, he deserves it!

  • Misty

    Yes, she usually gets a new squeeky ball.

  • Nancy

    Homemade bones!

  • Anonymous

    This year we have a new soft bone to try.

  • Anonymous

    Oops, I pushed enter and now it won’t let me out without a comment.

  • Anonymous

    Yes they do.

  • Lanabunch

    Must have !!!  I have 6 dogs, this would be cool!

  • I never have before! but i should!

  • Glenda_russell

    My dogs all get red or pink toys and cookies for Valentines day after all they are my sweethearts!

  • Beadscapes

    I plan to bake special biscuits for my 3 dogs this year…I have a great little cookie cutter set with a bone, fire hydrant & Schnauzer shapes!

  • Danielle

    Last year, she got adopted by us for Valentine’s Day.  I know she’s going to get something for valentine’s day.  Probably a toy and a special treat.

  • Vadebby

    Yes, I always give her a present, since she was MY present to myself on Valentine’s Day!  The best present I ever got!  =)


  • yes, there is an annual v-day party at unleashed-the dog and cat store in raleigh, nc. my 3 girls get dressed up in their best v-day outfits for a day of fun, prizes and treats.

  • debbie

    Yes, I usually get her a treat.

  • Letessha

    I never did because my dog is new to our family

  • Lori Miller

    Yes! They are my favorite Valentine!

  • Karla Gutierrezpugh

    Treats & stuffed squeaky toy!

  • People come and go dogs will always be there for you.  So of course they get a special something! <3

  • Go4chu

    I rescued my pup from the street last year, this will be our 1st Valentines…he’s a love bug & showing him love with some presents is a great idea. Thanks!

  • Trish B.

    Our dogs get extra treats for Valentine’s day!

  • Christine A.

    Yes of course I do! They get special treats at our local dog bakery. My dog love toys and would be super thrilled to recieve those!

  • Sroch3032

    booboo, my pug would love it if i win these valentine treats!!! a little extra for the best dog in the world!!!

  • I rescued a puupy named “Mercedes”.  She is now almost 4months old!  I’ve been training, caring, and loving her for 7wks now!  I’ve gotten her over 50 toys>so she’ll neva b bored, have fun playing, and most of allas 2 what kind,types of toys are best for her?  She is teething, and has gone through a couple dozen toys already.  Mercedes and I would be soo grateful to win the Valentine’s Package.  We make a cute couple 2gether!  Best of friends and companions!  I haven’t even thought much much bout what to get her for Valentine’s Day?  This special give-a-way looks soo durable!  named “DOG TUFF” I bet your products would last forever!  My puppy and I would love to win this Valentine’s Package, and try out the {products} toys!  Right now as I’m typing this comment> she is under my chair “chewing on the bottom of this maple wood chair”  LOL!  I’ve got 2 go, and get her a toy instead of this wooden chair! LOL! 

  • I spelt some things wrong opps! puupy? puppy!

  • I love to just go buy all sorts of cute new pink toys for my 4 girls 🙂

  • Julie B.

    I usually do give my dog a Valentine’s present, but usually treats instead of toys – this year could change all that!  😉

  • PoochParkWear

    Its our first valentine together and want to make is special xxxx

  • Katkiley

    Of course I give my boy a Valentine’s day gift.  Usually more than one.  LOL

  • Erica Stark

    He usually gets some sort of gift from me and maybe one from his grand parents  too.

  • I give him extra snacks.

  • Killjoysrevenge

    I always make my dogs a special giftbasket with some toys and their fav treats!

  • Yes, they get dog cookies or a special bone

  • amanda

    Yes they either get new toys or treats

  • Melanie

    Well never have I before but if I win this contest they will surely get one! They are our sweeties!

  • Johanna

    Yes they get special treats 🙂