Super Dog Sunday! CLOSED

**Super Dog Sunday is closed! We’re tallying the results and we’ll be back at noon ET on Monday with all the winners. Stay tuned for our winners’ post tomorrow!**

The day has finally arrived…it’s Super Dog Sunday!

Today’s fun is all to benefit Petfinder Foundation! Both here at DogTipper and at you’ll see photos being published today, all linked up in the linky below. Have you entered yet? You can enter your photo until game kickoff at 6pm ET (or, if you’re a blogger, you can link up your post until 9pm ET).

Big thanks to our sponsors, Gringa Loka, PetHubTom Bihn, and Wag! Not only are the supporting Petfinder Foundation but they’re providing over $1000 in prizes to today’s lucky winners!

How to Participate:

  1. Be sure to send in your entries; you’ll find all the details on how to enter in our kickoff post and you’ll find a list of all the prizes in the prize post.
  2. We’ve got one special prize for the dog with the most “thumbs up” votes so please be sure to vote as you explore the linky below. You’ll see adoptable dogs in the linky below, too; please take a moment and share some of these listings with your friends and let’s help find some of these adoptable animals some forever homes!
  3. AND we’ve got another giveaway to announce: we’ll be giving away a surprise prize to one reader who comments on this post today! (All Things Dog Blog will also be giving away one of these comments prize packages, too!)

The Super Dog Sunday Team:

Here’s the linky with the Super Dog Sunday photos so far; we’re adding new entries all day long. Bloggers, please go ahead and add your photos; the linky closes to bloggers at 9pm ET.

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Paris Permenter and John Bigley are the award-winning authors of over 30 pet and travel books as well as the founders and publishers of CatTipper and DogTipper.

  • Misty

    Good Morning!  No fair putting the most gorgeous dog out there, super-sized and at the top of the page!  Tiki’s freckles and soft eyes always make me want to steel her!  What was your address again??!?! 

    • Ha, Tiki is just mad that she can’t win any prizes!

  • Nancy

    Is Felix intimidated being in there with all of those football loving dogs?

  • Sharon Gilbert

    Wrong picture of Schooner not sure if you got the ones I sent before.  Do you have Skipper’s picture otherwise I will send it again.

    • Sharon: Let me check with Carrie…she has half the photos and I have the other half! More soon! Paris

  • Julie Berg

    So far I like Molimo and Olivia the best.  Seriously, who could resist Molimo, with the lei of footballs, and Olivia’s picture at the fantastic supermarket display?!  On a side note: whoever set up that display at the supermarket must have been one heck of a detail-oriented designer who might border on OCD – whew!  What a time that was, I’ll bet, setting that up!  😉

  • shilohsmom

    Great pics, everyone! I’m enjoying all of them!

  • So many cute pics! Daisy has some stiff competition…I see her pal Sawyer and lots of other familiar super stars too, thanks for hosting! Go Pats! 

  • Julie D.

    Great pics! Good luck everyone.

  • Ashley C

    What if the photos we sent in aren’t shown?

    • We’re just about to publish six more photos here at DogTipper and Carrie still has photos she’s publishing, too. Did you send your photo in this morning?

      • Ashley C

        I sent the ones of my own dogs in a few weeks ago and the rest I sent last night.  Those are the petfinder ones of adoptable dogs in Wyoming.  I see those ones up now!!  They were the most important to me

        • Ashley C

          I never did see Hunter and Lola’s that I sent back in January.  As well as a few more dogs from the rescue?

  • Sharon Gilbert

    Great dog pictures…you tell we all LOVE our dogs!!  They are just part of the family when taking pictures.

  • Taylor Brown

    Look at all these beautiful dogs! Thanks for hosting!

  • some super cute dogs, good luck everyone! 

  • Love this! Great way to spend Super Bowl Sunday while waiting for the….commercials! Not sure who I want to win really…Just hope its a game to remember!

    • Hi Hannah! You are our comments winner, selected at random from all the comments on our Super Dog Sunday post! Your prize is a surprise package of dog goodies valued at $25. When you get a chance, can you email your mailing address to eventbarkers (at) and we’ll get your prize out this week. Thanks for your comment at Super Dog Sunday! Paris

  • Terri

    I’m very disappointed that my dog’s photo isn’t on here.  I sent it in about 2-3 weeks ago, and I even emailed the other day to make sure it was received.  They said it was received and would be posted.  Our entry is “Pepper The Cheerleader”…can you please check on it for me?  Thank you.

    Very cute pets on here!!

  • So many creative photographers and photographic doggers!  This has been so much fun so thanks for co-hosting this event!!  We heart since all of our fosters are listed there for adoption up north! 

  • Julie Berg

    Wow, what great talent everyone – stupendous job to all!  I was wondering though why Ralphie isn’t on here, he was in the email I just got, but he’s not listed here or on All Things Dog Blog – can someone check pretty please?  😉

    Again though, great job everyone, fantastic work – this is SO MUCH FUN!!!  I wanted to add some additional photos which didn’t get an entry as well, just for fun. <3  <3  <3 Super Dog Sunday!

  • Julie Berg

    Here is my entry for the contest by the way since it’s not on here:

  • Julie Berg

    And additional Super Dog Sunday photo #2 (not a contest entry):

  • Julie Berg

    And additional Super Dog Sunday photo #3 (not a contest entry):

  • Julie Berg

    And additional Super Dog Sunday photo #4 (not a contest entry):

  • Julie Berg

    And one more of the original picture I used for a few modifications – GO BEARS!

  • Julie Berg

    And one more fun one I did for Valentine’s Day, unrelated to this contest.  😉

  • Julie Berg

    I was wondering though why Ralphie isn’t on here, he was in the email I
    just got, but he’s not listed here or on All Things Dog Blog – can
    someone check pretty please?  😉

  • Ashley C

    Thanks for a great day!

  • Debbie Isles

    Loved looking at all the Super Dog pics.  Thanks for hosting.  What’s the plan for Valentine’s day?

  • Terri

    What a fun contest!  Everyone has “the world’s most adorable pet”…so hard to choose which ones to vote for!  All photos are great.

    I want to thank you, too, for your prompt response to my concern about Pepper’s photo not being on here.  Thanks for posting her, and for calling her cute!  (I love her like crazy!!)  She was a rescue dog.  I once saw a bumper sticker that had a paw print on it and said “Who rescued who?”  That’s how I feel.  🙂

    Thanks for having such a great site.  Can’t wait to see the winning photos later today!

  • Anonymous

    Every day I am amazed at the dedication you, John and Carrie have to promote the welfare of dogs. U add so much to something so simple, while most would only post a picture, you all add a blurb on top of that. Just know that even the littlest steps u take bring an impactful smile to my face.

    Hoping that many dogs find new homes.