April Birthday Bowser Club

Do you have a dog with an April birthday or gotcha day? Then it’s time to celebrate!

Send in his or her photo for a chance to win a bag of toys from DogTipper!

If your dog has an April birthday, let’s share the fun! (And if your cat has an April birthday, be sure to enter our April Birthday Cat Club over on CatTipper!)

On Monday we’ll be announcing the winner of the March Birthday Bowser Club and sharing the video of all the photos!

How to Enter

Every month, we’ll ask readers whose dogs are celebrating a birthday or gotcha day that month to send in their photo. At the end of the month, we’ll create a slideshow from all the photos to celebrate those birthdays, and we’ll draw one winner at random to win a surprise package of dog goodies!

If your dog’s birthday or gotcha date is in April, you can enter one of two ways:

  • email us a photo of your dog to editors@dogtipper.com along with your dog’s name. Please put “April Birthday” in the subject line.
  • or you can use the Disqus comment box below to leave a note with your dog’s name and to attach your dog’s photo. Just click the “+” link below the comment box to attach the photo! It takes a moment for your photo to upload so please allow it to upload before you hit the “post” button; if it uploaded successfully, you’ll see a thumbnail of your photo below your comment.

The party is open to dogs everywhere whose birthday or gotcha date is in April. We’ll announce the winner in May when we’ll launch the May Bowser Birthday Club. In the meantime, happy birthday to our dog buddies with April birthdays!

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  • We’re celebrating Dusty’s gotcha day April 23!

  • And Cora’s gotcha day is also April 23!

  • Nancy

    Molimo’s gotcha day was in June, but she was just a baby.  Two different vets estimated she was between eight and ten weeks old.  We backtracked nine weeks and “made” her birthday April 1st.  She started her terrible two’s yesterday!

  • Stephanie Springer

    Hobie’s birthday is on April 24th, she will be 2 years old!

  • Anonymous

    Folly’s birthday is on April 7th, she will be 4 years old!

    Wanda McHenry
    wbailey113 at hotmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    There is my girl, Olivia. She will be 9 years young on April 17th.  She was the runt of her litter and has grown to play such a huge role in my life as my Service Dog. I love you Olivia.

  • Teresa

    My sweet Sadie girl will be 15 years old on April 9th. I adopted her from a local animal shelter over 12 years ago. I found out her real birthday from her vet, where she had been a “patient” prior to me adopting her. Don’t let all those gray hairs fool you – she’s still has lots of spunk! 

  • Christine A.

    Daisy’s birthday is April 24th 1999. She will be turning 13! She is a very special dog to us. 

    My aunt, who is no longer with us, was a school teacher. One day when she was getting things out of her car, a stray dog hopped into her car. At the time my siblings and I were always begging our parents for a dog so when this happened to my aunt told my parents about the dog and what shelter it was at. My dad then took us to go see her and she was the perfect first time dog for us. She was sweet, gentle, friendly, and oh so cute. On our way back home we were thinking about a name for her if we were going to get her, we decided on Daisy. Then I remember on Christmas Eve Dec. 24, 1999 my dad walking in with her hours before we were going to have a house full of family. Me being only 10 yrs old at the time, I don’t remember all the fine details like how long she was in the shelter before my dad brought her home and things like that. I’m guessing only a few days she was in the shelter because they had to make sure she didn’t have a owner. The rest is history! 

    Not that long after we got Daisy my aunt got sick and passed away from a brain tumor. That’s why Daisy is extra special to my family because of my aunt. Because she was there on that day, at that time we have this great dog that’s been in our lives. If she wasn’t there on that day, at the time, and everything who knows where Daisy could of ended up. It’s like we still have a piece of my aunt because she saved Daisy and brought her to us. 

    sorry for this being such a long comment.

    • What a beautiful story of how Daisy came into your family…and such a very special way to remember your aunt!! Daisy is a lucky little lady!! Paris

  • Biscuit’s birthday is April 4th. She’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and we got her as a little baby puppy. She’s the best thing that’s ever come into our lives!!!!

  • Cynthia Downer

    Midget’s 1st “gotcha” day with us is on the 10th. We aren’t sure how old she is, but believe she is 4+.

  • Deburke

    Taz’s Birthday is April 20th. He is a Chihuahua with a beautiful brindle coat. He is going to be 4. Love our Taz Man!