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We are joining in the Pampered Pooch Giveaway Hop of pet prizes! This hop takes place April 15-May 2, 2012. Here are all the details then you’ll find our giveaway package below with a full list of participating blogs at the end of this post!

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Welcome to the Pampered Pooch Giveaway Hop hosted by Green Mam-a Jam-aMy UN-Entitled Life, & Whirlwind of Surprises. Join us and enter the win some pet swag on the blogs featured on the linky below for all your pet needs. This one’s for all the furry critters in our lives. And, get bonus entries for hitting every blog on the list! All you have to do is enter the giveaway or if the giveaway is not open to where you’re from, leave a comment so that we know you visited.

Our Giveaway

Is your dog tough on toys? We’ve got a special spring package of toys from DogTuff, a company that specializes in toys for dogs that are tough on toys! DogTuff is providing one lucky winner with the Get Out and Play Package which includes:

  • Orbee Tuff Football Made of the tough durable Orbee material, this football from Planet Dog is a touchdown every time! Great shape and texture! Perfect for indoor and outdoor play! Orbee Tuff Football measures 6″.
  • Orbee Soccer Ball The Hottest Selling Orbee Product yet! Big, Bouncy, Chewable and Fully Collapsible. Oops…Did we mention DURABLE? The Orbee Soccer ball is ideal for Medium – Large Breed Dogs. Its size is 5″.
  • Orbee Baseball  The Orbee Tuff Baseball is perfect for a backyard ballgame with a favorite “fielder”. Bouncy, Minty, and all Orbee! Orbee Baseball Measures 3 1/4″.
  • Zogoflex Zisc  The Zisc by West Paw Design is the ultimate flying disc dog toy. Designed to fly far and straight and engineered from the incredibly soft, yet durable Zogoflex material. It’s easy on your dog’s gums and teeth.

How to Enter

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  • Shelley P

    Kody’s last toy he destroyed was a tennis ball. He loves playing ball but is too rough on them.

  • Anonymous

    Toby destroyed a stuffed animal

  • CinnyBBS

    LOL, they destroy stuffies on a regular basis….usually within minutes-hours of me giving it to them

    Whirlwind of Surprises 

  • JackieV

    The last toy she destroyed was a stuffed elephant.  It was in a matter of minutes.

  • he ripped his favorite stuffy to pieces lol

  • would my cell phone count?  there wasn’t much left when she was done

  • Catie Russo

    Um, all of them?  He is TOUGH on toys!  The most recent is a rubber ring tug toy!

  • Sjgilbert

    Schooner and Skipper chewed up the Angry Bird Flyer.

  • Kristine L.

    Oh geez…CeeCee’s main goal is to destroy her toys as quickly as possible!  Some have latest…Her lasted “kill” was a black Kong bone.

  • Olivia rubin

    looks like olivia had the same angry bird toys as schoonerand skipper, those toys are not very durable for large dogs

  • Alexis

    Taffy last destroyed a stuffed monkey and now he has almost destroyed a stuffed rabbit!

  • heather davidson

    Lola chewed the placemat

  • jodi lasher

    The last toy my dogs destroyed was a slinky type stuffed toy i had bought them. They like to play tug of war and split that right in half lol.. Did not last them very long haha

  • Actually nothing yet because we get our puppy in a few weeks..

  • Shadd19990

    My Lucky and Grand-dog Mia are a two pup tag team when it comes to toys! They go through a toy with in less than 2 days lol She is much smaller than him and will slip under him grab and run of course he pursues her and the tug-a-war begins until it’s pulled apart into pieces. They have so much fun how can I possibly fuss with them 🙂 Would be nice to get some toys to occupy them (that wont fall apart) and keep me from having to pick up the trail they leave behind lol

  • Kathlyne Brown

    The last destroyed toy was a stuffed bear.

  • The last one was a kong squeaker tennis ball on a rope

  • ToCo

    A stuffed bear…the stuffing was coming out and it poses a danger, so garbage it went…

  • Darlene Owen

    The last toy destroyed by my dogs was a tennis ball


  • Kristen Theriot

    Last thing Tiny destroyed was an Easter toy from Petsmart. Kong brand. Only took a day to eat the face.

  • Kristen Theriot

    Last thing Tiny destroyed was an Easter toy from Petsmart. Kong brand. Only took a day to eat the face.

  • Heather

    My dog destroys all their toys. The last one was a tennis ball… within a half hour my PUG had ot torn apart and was trying to eat it…..  she can destroy anything!!!

  • A santa toy from Christmas – totally destroyed. We joked that may have put him on the naughty list 😉

  • Danielle Murgia

    Sissy usually doesn’t destroy many toys.  I think the last one was a heart that said “my toy” on it that my mom gave her for valentine’s day.

  • The last toy Roxy destroyed was a stuffed toy from the dollar store, Molly hasn’t destroyed any toys yet, she did remove an eye off of a stuffed toy but Roxy got the other one off and they can still play with it.

  • The last toy Akiak destroyed was her Kong football. It split and she peeled the tennis-ball-like covering off of it. I had to replace it because she loved it so much. She loves to play f’ball!

  • Tspaid54

    She has torn up so many stuffed toys her teddy was the last one.

  • Linda Szymoniak

    My dogs destroy ANY toy they get – from stuffies to rope toys.  My deaf girl, Ran, is even managing to get some chunks out of her extreme Kong!

  • Rebecca Goodman

    Our Hamilton managed to destroy some toy called an Invincabone. It was supposed to be invincible but Hami broke it into four pieces.

  • TaxiLab

    My yellow lab LOVES the orbee strawberry she has so I know she’d love the football, etc too. They are just the right amount of squishy that satisfies her chomping! 🙂

  • monicaandrew25

    a soccer ball

  • Every toy they have ever had, most recently Angry Birds toys.

  • Judy Cox

    I have a Boxer in our yard that can’t have any kind of a toy. He tears anything up and swallows it. The only thing I have found is a Dasani bottle. He loves the noise it makes when he is chewing on it.He chews and plays with it until there is no more noise and then he leaves it.

    My indoor dog loves her squeaky toys and has material on it. It takes her a while put she eventually finds a seam to tear and take all the stuffing out of it.

  • cstironkat

    Kouga destroyed a cute stuffed star that squeaked. He took all the stuffing out of it and brought the squeaker to me as if to say, “look mom, I found the crunchy middle.”

  • Journeysof TheZoo

    A stuffed animal (that she was given to play with). Thankfully no more shoes.

    journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com


  • Lisa F.

    It’s been a long time since any of my seniors have destroyed toys, but my Dalmatian mix (like other dogs) does like to rip open soft squeaky toys.

  • Squeaky toys! she likes to take out the squeaker…but then she won’t play with toys that have no squeakers..u can’t win 🙂

  • SO many recently! The last one was a KONG squeaker tennis ball dumb bell thing

  • Rachael Henzman

    My friend’s dog swallowed a toy whole and luckily didn’t choke just about a month ago!

  • Haha! The question should be: what was the last toy my dog didn’t destroy. My sister got my pups a Kong squeeker ring with promises “my dog can’t get through it, it’s the best.” 15 minutes later it was in shreds. 
    That said, we have a ‘squirrel dude’ that’s been with us for over a year now!

  • Jessica Bleasdale


    Jessica Bleasdale (JACB)sexxyjessi at hotmail dot com

  • Christine A.

    I would have to say a Halloween toy that took a great beating. It was a bone shaped stuffed toy with a squeaker. I try to keep the toys as long as possible, so since she ripped the threading and took a bunch of the stuffing out to get to the squeaker I makeshifted it to where i tied the thread that was coming off around the middle of the toy so no more stuffing could come out. it latest longer then I though it would. 😛

  • Christine Aiello

    The last toy Coco destroyed would be her favorite huge octopus stuffed toy. She loved to play tug of war with it and shake and it got a huge hole in its head and stuffing was coming out all over.

  • Kristen

    My dog last destroyed a rope/duck toy.

  • Kathy Schoenherr

    A stuffed duck…took less than an hour.

  • Anonymous

    Hopped around all 33 blogs. Some are not having it or there giveaway isn’t up. Wrote Dina ofMy UnEntitled Life Blog and she said to claim the points and let you know that some aren’t up.
    commented as amyorvinName on rafflecopter Amy OrvinEmail 2dogs5catscrew@att.net

  • Abrennan09

    Our son’s pokemon ball

  • Michele Behlen

    We have a St. Bernard. I bought him a large bone shaped stuffed toy.  Within an hour he had removed the squeaker and was pulling out the stuffing. He loves stuffed toys with squeakers but I can’t find one that is tough enough for him.

  • Jan

    My Bouv took care of his plush Santa in 10 minutes

  • Anonymous

    a squeaky plastic hamburger toy.

  • sandy weinstein

    the baby has destroyed over 10 toys in the past 1.5 yrs. she tore out the stuffing out of the schnauzer, 2 soft play balls, recently. i had also purchased one of the tail toys which was gone in a day….the stuffing and the squeaker.

  • Cynthia Downer

    I wouldn’t call it a toy.. I would call it my bath sponge. They think its a toy though.

  • The last thing my dog destroyed was my leather work gloves I use when I am doing yard work.

  • Bella destroys every toy she gets! The last was a gingerbread man we bought after Christmas. I think it lasted less than 3 days. 

  • Bella destroys every toy she gets! The last was a gingerbread man we bought after Christmas. I think it lasted less than 3 days. 

  • Keisa rogers

    Jake my dog tore up a football we got for him a few days ago

  • Monique Rizzo

    A plush squeaky squirrel.
    Thanks for the chance.

  • Megan C

    My daughter’s plushie wombat – wasn’t pleased, lol.  I suppose I need to invest in more dog toys to deter her from taking the childrens’.

  • Guest

    It was the catfish, head of a cat, tail of a fish!  They loved that toy!

  • Traci Lynn Butler

    They destroy every toy they paly with!

  • The last toy our golden retriever destroyed was the Kyjen Plush Puppies Gator Toy. But it took him quite a while because that toy is pretty tough.

  • Phoenix

    A stuffed animal.

  • Anonymous

    kong hide a treat toy. One of those that you can out a dog biscuits in

  • chris

    a football

  • Lisa KH

    A stuffed sock monkey.

  • Debbie Lamb – Deda Studios

    Mr. Monkey a stuffed toy with a monkey sounding sweeker inside!

  • Myra Rzepa

    the last toy my dog destroyed  was her stuffed bunny!!

  • Amy

    a stuffed sheep

  • He de-stuffed a frog!

  • cait

    My dog destuffed a zebra, destroyed the squeaker, then chewed off every limb. The toy is now scraps of fabric.

  • Michelle jadaa

    Hubby bought a cheap brand chew toy,it only lasted a couple of weeks.

  • The last toy my dog destroyed was a stuffed animal.

  • Velvethubler

    Ernie destroys the cats toys all the time

  • Stuffed toys with squeakers

  • Christine

    They destroyed a duck and a bear.
    Thanks for the chance!

  • Nikki Elkins

    they destroyed a stuffed animal

  • Christina

    A stuffed animals,of course, carefully tearing out the eyes first!

  • Anonymous

    A kong stuffed toy, they ripped the head off the braided zebra

  • Kathy Ross

    It was just material braided and he had it all over the floor.  We had to throw it away.

  • Chelsea

    A stuffed seal that she first ripped the flippers off of. Ha.

  • Bernice

    it was a fetching ball ..poor little ball didnt have a chance once the dog was done lol 

  • Pepperpom

    Pepper hasn’t actually ever destroyed a toy.  She’s damaged a few stuffies that I fixed by sewing the holes closed.   I’ve had to replace a few squeakers.

  • a plastic squeaky ball 🙂

  • Balls and more balls? Thats what I’m barking about! 

  • Releasemecreations

    I’d love to win these for my puppies!

  • Releasemecreations

    The last toy my dog destroyed was a Kong Wubba Lion Toy!

  • Lynette Paige

    It was a rubber ball. Took her almost a year, but its destroyed!

  • Natasha

    All of his stuffed toys we’ve gotten him pretty much.

  • A plush duck!

  • joni

    I bought him a goose and he destroyed it that very day.

  • Anonymous

    She ripped a stuffed animal apart

  • Anonymous

    The last toy that the dog destroyed was the cat’s toy (a thing with catnip inside made of felt and feathers), basically he just ate it.

    The Rafflecopter calls me ‘Margot’ since it is accessing my facebook where I am ‘Margot Core’.

  • Rita Spratlen

    Tennis ball.

  • Kristie Betts

    Sqeaky Bone

  • Helen Bush

    I think it was a duck

  • From Furrin

    —- Vicki Vix on rafflecopter form —-
    Vix hasn’t destroyed any toys since she was 2 or 3 years old (she’s now 10).  She used to take Mud Puddle’s (my Springer who died at Thanksgiving) soft plush toys, rip the tag off and if it made a hole, or tore, she’d pull all the stuffing out.  Apart from that she’s never had any interest in any kind of toy.  Mud puddle was interested in anything soft and/or fleecy.  He liked to carry one or two  around in his mouth and would suck on one before dozing off.  After he was a couple years old he never really destroyed his toys.  What they’d chew up was any pens or pencils they found on the floor.

  • Her bed

  • Chrystal S

    Honestly the cats toys and I felt bad for the kitties.

  • angela

    She destroys tennis balls like crazy.

  • krystle

    haha love this question. i think it was a long rope type toy

  • Anonymous

    Gosh, what won’t Kol destroy? Pretty sure the last “toy” was an Italian leather stiletto. Oh, that’s not a toy? Could you do me a favour and tell Kol that?? Hmmm, the last real toy was probably a stuffed duck.

  • Rochelle

    Bear destroyed his stuffed toy “Moose”. He loves to chew :). Thanks!

  • Rochelle

    I entered or commented on all. On Blogspot user name is Romapr and for WordPress Rochelle and FB/Rafflecopter name is Rochelle Martin. Thanks!

  • Sarah

    Gingerbread man

  • Jennifer Speed

    a stuffed animal

  • Sue C.

    squeaky stuffed dog toys get totally destroyed

  • Paula Tavernie

    A rubber Chicken!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  • Missy L

    He destroyed a plush squeaky toy in his quest to get the squeaker out

  • shawna fox

    A little stuffed animal.

  • Julie B.

    My Ralphie doesn’t chew up toys, but they get disgusting with bacteria and stains on them so if I wash them and the stains don’t come out, I throw them out and buy new ones (this takes a while though, luckily Ralphie’s not an aggressive chewer).

  • Julie B.

    I entered all the giveaways except for Common Centsability,
    in which the Rafflecopter shut down on me on my first entry, so I left two
    comments on that page



  • Jodi Trudel

    I think Im going to answer What was the last toy my dog DIDNT destroy. He destroys everything and the only thing thats lasts are Kongs. Luckily we have another dog that can use these toys we just have to keep “Charlie the Lab” away from them.

  • Dawn

    I entered all that are still open. There have been several that have closed early, though. Thanks for the giveaway!


  • Dawn

    My dog loves this black and white “thing” that used to be a stuffed animal – the stuffing long since gone…I have no idea how long it has been destroyed. 🙂


  • Kelly Burroughs Crowell

    My dogs just destroyed a pair of shoes (again)!! Looks like it’s back to obedience school for them!!

  • Anonymous

    This would be for my daughter’s dog, which has gone through at least 3 of her shoes–not a toy I know, but you get the idea.

  • Shartmaniam

    I have 2 dogs.  1 destroys everything.  I guess the last one would ha ve been her stuffed easter bunny!

  • dawn reid

    His tennis ball

  • Jennifer Jennings

    A rubber Gumby toy lost his poor little head. Thank you!!

  • Savannah Miller

    An angry bird squeaky toy 🙂

  • Misty

    She’s never destroyed anything but a water bottle.

  • Nancy

    Stuffed animal.

  • Rick

    A tennis ball.

  • Poochparkwear

    Her squeaky toys – she kills the squeakers

  • Heather

    My Lab would love this pack!!

  • Debbie P

    A ball. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Annie

    A frisbee!! It was her favorite thing, but then I caught her under the tree with it in shreds! 

  • Islandsnoopy

    The last toy she destroyed was supposedly tough to destroy but my pup managed to tear it apart.

  • Judie58

    i have a little soccer playing shih-tzu that would LOVE a new soccer ball!!!

  • Gail

    Last toy destroyed was a monkey.

  • spirit_kim

    He destroyed a tennis ball, love that. Not.