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RSVP for #EBTweets Twitter Party!

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Earlier this week we announced the next Twitter party for Event Barkers: #EBTweets! Now it’s time for RSVPing for the party so you’ll be eligible to win a bag of dog or cat goodies!

This 90-minute party, which will introduce you to more about Event Barkers and to our upcoming parties, will welcome in summer with lots of giveaways for both your pets AND your favorite rescue!

Step one, though, is to RSVP so we’ll be able to contact you for both pre-party and party giveaways (as in giveaways every 10 minutes during the party…plus three Grand Prize drawings!) OK, it’s time to RSVP!

 How to RSVP

RSVPing is quick and easy…just go down to the linky below and leave your Twitter handle.  (If you don’t have a Twitter account, visit to get your free account then return here and sign up.)

Just click on “Click here to enter” at the bottom of this post and you’ll see a new screen open like this:

In the field that says “Link Title or Blog Title,” just enter your Twitter handle. (In the example above, you’ll see I’ve added “dogtipper” on this line.) In the “Link” field, add the link to your Twitter account (I’ve added “”.)  You aren’t required to add your email address but it will give us a way to notify you other than Twitter if you’re a winner. (We won’t use it for any other purpose.)

Click the link below to RSVP

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  • katie mitchell

    May 27th is my cat Happy’s birthday!

  • Anonymous

    I’m entering to win a bag of dog toys in the @EventBarkers #EBTweets party on 5/27! Details:

  • Pamela C

    #81? I don’t think that’s a lucky number ;<)! I don't know what is going on with the Amazon AD if they are paying for it or what but thanks for running it. As you know from tourism, some of these countries have problems that are hard to explain. There was recently a killing (with a bow and arrow) in the Amazon of a local trying to befriend and change an isolated tribe. Ok, that is what you call resistance to change. Flooding and snakes is only the beginning…

  • Johnny-Amy Lynn
  • Shannon Pickin

    Is there anybody specific that we have to follow for this party and is there anything we are supposed to pre-tweet :)

  • ses1978


  • Reba Messina

    I’m in!

  • Reba Messina

    See you at 8 and 30!