Winners: #EBTweets Twitter Party

Last night we had such a great time at our Event Barkers’ #EBTweets Twitter party! Along with Carrie from All Things Dog Blog, we hosted the 90-minute party to celebrate past Event Barkers’ events and to provide a sneak peak at new ones, too!

Our past party sponsors were all highlighted during the event; they included:

Along with remembering past parties, we also looked forward to future parties. The next one, #Gamma2Fresh, will be on June 10 and will offer a chance to win BPA-free storage solutions for your pet food! We also announced #BarktoSchool in August, #SpookyPets in October, #BarkFriday on Black Friday, #HolidayPets in December, and #SuperDogPics then #SuperDogSunday before the Super Bowl! Whew!

But first things first! Here’s a look at the winners from last night’s event:

  1. Winner of a rescue prize to be donated in her name: @Cstironkat. The prize will go to A New Beginning.
  2. Winner of the Pre-Tweet drawing for a bag of dog toys: @KatieMitchell1
  3. Winner of a bag of John Paul Pet grooming products: @Lovetogive123
  4. Winner of a bag of natural pest products for pets from Vets Best: @Cdmtx65
  5. Winner of a grab bag of toys for a dog or cat: @LLMG1960
  6. Winner of a bag of Castor and Pollux dog food, treats, training videos and more: @ILuvMyChihuahuas
  7. Winner of a bag of dog or cat goodies (her choice): @FourPawSavings
  8. Winner of a pet-themed bag with a copy of our Barkonomics book, an All Things Dog Blog bandana, Castor and Pollux food, Zukes treats and more: @LuluandWally
  9. Winner of a bag of dog or cat goodies (her choice): @Pet360
  10. Winner of a bag of cat toys: @5KittyMom
  11. Winner of the Grand Prize for Rescue: @WoofWoofMama. She has donated it to Have a Heart in Boca Raton, Florida. Her prize will be shipped direct to them with a note from her.
  12. Winner of the Cat Grand Prize with The Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bag, a Feliway diffuser for anxiety reduction from Petco, and Castor and Pollux food: @Kurtsmomma
  13. Winner of the Dog Grand Prize with a FIDO Friendly digital subscription, Doggyloot dollars, Toki Poki grab bag, Dog Pack Snacks, Castor and Pollux food and more: @Myfolly
In all, we gave away over $1,000 in pet goodies…there will be some happy dogs and cats out there!! We’re also very happy that we were able to support two lucky rescue groups and hope the items bring some joy to their pets as they wait for their forever homes!
As we wait for the next Event Barkers party, please be sure to enter our three Event Barkers giveaways underway now:

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