Giveaway: Buzz Guard from Earth Heart CLOSED

**This giveaway is closed. Out of 3330 entries, our winners are Sharon G. and Lisa M. Congratulations!**

It is summer…and the bees are buzzing. And the mosquitoes. And the flies. And…

Living in the country, we are in bug world, a fact made worse by a very mild winter this year. We’re always looking for natural solutions to pesky problems, and we’ve been using Buzz Guard, a product we reviewed here on DogTipper last year.

One in a line of popular Earth Heart products, Buzz Guard (sold in Canada as Outdoor Care) is a natural repellent with a super simple ingredients list, which we love:

Water, polysorbate 20; neem seed oil; pure essential oils of citronella, fir, geranium; rosewood, basil, myrrh; potassium sorbate.

To help keep your dog comfortable during the summer, please enter to win a bottle of Buzz Guard…we’ll have TWO lucky winners!

How to Enter

As always, we’ve got several ways to enter in the Rafflecopter below, and you can enter using as many or as few entry methods as you choose. This giveaway is open to US and Canada mailing addresses. The giveaway ends at 12:01am Eastern on July 6, 2012. Good luck!

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Disclosure: Earth Heart is providing the prizes for this giveaway and is a DogTipper advertiser.

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  • Bugs carry diseases

  • Olivia Rubin

    It really annoys me when the bugs land on her, especially flies, like she is some horse or something at a farm. Would like to sit outside without being pestered by flying pests

  • sandy weinstein

    my middle child get very excited and upset when i try to clip her nails….she was good as a puppy, then something happened and now she goes bezerk….

  • seem like a great product to try on my doggy blue.. would like to win it.

  • Alexis

    This would be great for all the Mosquitos during this Texas summer!

  • Julie Bickham

    Already had to take a tick out of my lil puppy now I’m so nervous about bugs esp with us living by the bay. This looks like a great product for him.

  • Heather

    My dogs would like to win because we go hiking in the summer.. and bugs are everywhere!

  • Kristen Theriot

    We have a horse stable at my house and when Rex, our Australian shepherd wants to stay in the barn with us during the day, he is constantly bothered with flies and mosquitos!

  • Anonymous

    We get a lot of insects in the summer, so a natural solution would be great.

  • Sjgilbert

    July 4th is coming up and Skipper is gets nervous with all the fireworks.

  • Sjgilbert

    July 4th is coming up and Skipper is gets nervous with all the fireworks.

  • Christine A.

    I would like to win Canine Calm for the reasons many owners do, THUNDERSTORMS & FIREWORKs!! My one dog goes hiding and shakes for both of them and my other dog shakes and won’t go to the bathroom for a good 24hrs because of the fireworks and just gets uneasy a bit for storms. My one dog is older and has some hearing loss so storms don’t affect her as much anymore, but the fireworks still do.

  • Lisa KH

    I’d like to win because we have TONS of mosquitoes.
    rafflecopter name: Lisa K

  • Bentley and I would like to win because we like to go camping at Four Paws Kingdom and of course that’s in the woods in the middle of nowhere so to be protected he needs Buzz Guard! 🙂

  • Bentley 

  • The little one cries/barks when we travel and the older one is shy so I’d love to socialize her more
    Whirlwind of Surprises

  • My dog sometimes gets worried when I’m leaving … not full-blown separation anxiety (PHEW) but she definitely gets a little anxious, I bet Canine Calm would help soothe her nerves a bit about me leaving! 🙂

  • Cynthia Downer

    I’d like to win Buzz Guard because I know it works! When we went on vacation to Miami last Winter, I used Buzz Guard on my dog and myself.. And even I didn’t get bit by mosquitoes!  They were eating my alive before I tried spraying it on myself.

  • I’d like to win this because we get lots of rain and there is some standing water I’d hare to have my babies bitten when they go out to play

  • abrennan09

    mollie is hyper – esp when people come to the door

  • Wlkingrnbsn

    I have two dogs who love to do outdoor activities. I use Heartguard and Frontline Plus on them. But I have noticed that they still are bothered by Mosquitos, gnats and other pesky bugs – and wondered how else to protect them. Winning this product would allow me to see if it works 🙂

  • What dog couldn’t use this! I have two little ones that love the outdoors, and if this can make them enjoy it and be more comfortable, I would love to try!

  • Lisa F.

    My dog Harry has storm anxiety. Th iis might help with it.