Giveaway: July Birthday Bowser Club (& June Video!)

It’s amazing…and a little scary…how fast the months of the Birthday Bowser Club are flying by! I’ve just put together the June video, above, and now it’s time for all the July birthdays and gotcha day dogs to send in their entries for a chance to win a bag of toys from DogTipper!

June’s winner is Lumpy:

Lumpy’s mom says, “Lumpy came into my local kill shelter when I was working there as a student volunteer on my birthday, 12/06, in 2002. He was about six months old. He had been found in a bad part of town and had been neglected and abused. He had severe Demodectic mange, a secondary Staph infection, bilateral cherry eyes, was malnourished and food allergies. It took me a year working with the LSU Vet School Dermatology veterinarians to get him healthy. Due to the neglect and abuse Lumpy suffered, he has severe separation anxiety. It is getting a little better as he gets older. My husband and I decided that Lumpy’s birthday is 6/28/02 as 6/28 is our wedding anniversary! Lumpy truly believes he is a human. He loves to sit in our laps! He is so funny! Lumpy is the best birthday present I ever received! I cannot believe that my little boy is going to be ten years old!”

What a lucky boy Lumpy is to have found such a great home. Happy birthday, Lumpy!

July Birthdays & Gotcha Days: How to Enter

Every month, we’ll ask readers whose dogs are celebrating a birthday or gotcha day that month to send in their photo. At the end of the month, we’ll create a slideshow from all the photos to celebrate those birthdays, and we’ll draw one winner at random to win a surprise package of dog goodies!

If your dog’s birthday or gotcha date is in July, you can enter one of two ways:

  • email us a photo of your dog to along with your dog’s name. Please put “July Birthday” in the subject line.
  • or you can use the Disqus comment box below to leave a note with your dog’s name and to attach your dog’s photo. Just click the “+” link below the comment box to attach the photo! It takes a moment for your photo to upload so please allow it to upload before you hit the “post” button; if it uploaded successfully, you’ll see a thumbnail of your photo below your comment.

The party is open to dogs everywhere whose birthday or gotcha date is in July. We’ll announce the winner in
August when we’ll launch the August Bowser Birthday Club. In the meantime, happy birthday to our dog buddies with July birthdays!

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  • NY1157

     Dixie’s Gotcha Day is July 16, 2011.  She loves the beach!

  • Laleza

    This is Hunny, her birthday is on the 4th of July. She is a very playful, smart & lovable chihuahua.

  • This is Daisy. Her gotcha date is July 6th. Best. Decision. Ever.

  • This is Stewie. His gotcha date is July 17th.

  • This is Phoebe. Her birthday is July 5th.

  • Cinny

    JR’s a July baby -July 11…It’s in two days!! Woohoo!

  • Shelly Skoog-Smith

    Oliver’s “Birthday” is July 25! He’s now 6! 😀

  • AlexandraStokes

    Mochi’s “Barkday” was July 13th. He is 1 now!

  • Dharma’s sixth birthday was July 22!

  • Marley’s gotcha day was July 7th. We think he’s about 13. He’s a very nice boy and pal to Jack.

  • Julie G

    Wilson’s 2nd birthday was July 5. We adopted him last year at a humane society adoption event. He is such a good boy! Everybody loves Wilson!