Winners: Giveaway Gallery

We’ve just wrapped up the second quarter Giveaway Gallery and our dog winner is Skipper and Schooner!

Skipper’s mom won a $50 Amazon gift card and used it to purchase the Swimways Float Paddle Paws seen above! For entering the Giveaway Gallery, Skipper’s mom will receive a bag of dog goodies!

And over on CatTipper, lucky Bowie originally won Nature’s Logic; because of his Giveaway Gallery entry, he’ll receive a bag of cat goodies!

If you’ve ever won a DogTipper or CatTipper giveaway, be sure to send a photo of your pet to our Giveaway Gallery to be entered to win a quarterly prize!

And don’t forget about our current giveaways:

Please vote for DogTipper in the Petties awards; if we win, we’ll receive a $1,000 prize to donate to a 501c3 shelter or rescue! How to enter your favorite shelter or rescue to win $1,000 if we win
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  • Lisa F.

    YEA! This is Bowie’s mom and he is excited! Thanks!

  • Sjgilbert

    Woo Hoo!!  Schooner and Skipper and myself are so excited!!  Thank You DogTipper!!  It was a very nice Monday morning surprise!