How to Join the #BarktoSchool Party on Sunday Night!

We have over $1,000 in prizes for pet lovers coming up on Sunday night’s #BarktoSchool party, with $276 in the grand prize alone! Here’s a look at the grand prize and all its goodies:

The Grand Prize is one of MANY prizes we’ll be giving away throughout the party but there are pre-party giveaways you can enter, too, including an RSVP giveaway, Pre-Tweet giveaway, and Rafflecopter giveaway, each with great prizes for your dog! The first step to winning any prizes is to be sure to RSVP so we have a way to contact you if (I should say WHEN) you win!

Beginner’s Twitter Party Guide

If you’ve never been to one of the Event Barkers Twitter parties that we co-host with All Things Dog Blog, you’re in for a lot of fun! The action starts about a half hour before the party as everyone “checks in”…which is as simple as just saying hi on Twitter and including the #BarktoSchool hashtag in your tweet. This lets us know that you’re on the party so you’re eligible to win some prizes given away during the party! (You’re eligible to win the pre-party giveaways listed above just by entering; you don’t have to attend the party to win those prizes. The giveaways that take place every 10 minutes throughout the party require you to be there, though.)

Once you’ve checked in, the fun begins! Starting at 8pm ET, we’ll be introducing our sponsors: @NaturesLogic dog and cat food, @WalkInSync humane training system (Alecia of Walk in Sync is Alecia of the Ask Alecia column here on DogTipper!), author @PeggyFrezon of the great Dieting with My Dog book, and @EventBarkers ourselves! We’ll have tips from all of our sponsors and they’ll be on hand to answer your questions, too. We’ll be talking all about back to school fun for pet families, from training and diet to how to minimize separation anxiety as everyone’s schedule changes with the school year.

Twitter parties are FAST but don’t worry about keeping up with every tweet; you can always go back and read all the tweets later just by searching the hashtag. We use HootSuite to stay up with the party and there are several other third-party services that do a great job of making it easy to follow the party in a private “room” so you’re not distracted by other Twitter chatter.

You can also follow along on itself. Here are some easy instructions on how to follow along using

  1. To follow the party, go to!/search/realtime/%23barktoschool
  2. At the top of the screen, you’ll see this. Be sure to select the option I’ve highlighted here: “All”
  3. You’ll want to keep refreshing your page (and making sure you’re still seeing “All” comments, as in the above image. Tweets fly very fast during a party so you’ll be refreshing the page a lot!
  4. Mouseover comments and you’ll see each one turn gray in turn; at that point, you’ll see links to reply or retweet (or, in other words, send the identical message to your own followers):
  5. If you reply to a message, be sure to include the #BarktoSchool hashtag or only the person you are replying to will see the message along with your own followers. The entire party will see the message only if you include the full #BarktoSchool hashtag (with no spaces).
  6. If you want to send a tweet that’s not a reply, just click the blue box in the top right corner of the page that looks like a pen: 
  7. That will open up a comments box: 
  8. Type your tweet in this box and be sure to include the #BarktoSchool hashtag so everyone on the party will see your tweet. Hit the Tweet button when you’re done. Be sure your tweet is under 140 characters…but it’s even better to make it under 110 or 120 characters so other people on the party can retweet your message without editing it. If you run the full length, either they’ll have to edit your tweet or the end of the tweet will be lost.

That’s it! Don’t worry about staying up with all the tweets (it’s just about impossible on a busy party!)…just have fun! Please leave a comment below with any questions and please be sure to come by the party Sunday night from 8-9:30pm ET!!


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