Giveaway: September Birthday Bowser Club!

Do you have a furry friend with a birthday or gotcha day in September? Then it’s time to celebrate with the September Birthday Bowser Club!

Let’s hear from you…if you’ve got an September birthday or gotcha day, please share for the chance to win a surprise package of dog goodies!

September Birthdays & Gotcha Days: How to Enter

If your dog’s birthday or gotcha date is in September, you can enter one of two ways:

  • email us a photo of your dog to along with your dog’s name. Please put “September Birthday” in the subject line.
  • or you can use the Disqus comment box below to leave a note with your dog’s name and to attach your dog’s photo. Just click the “+” link below the comment box to attach the photo! It takes a moment for your photo to upload so please allow it to upload before you hit the “post” button; if it uploaded successfully, you’ll see a thumbnail of your photo below your comment. (The file size can’t be too large.)

The party is open to dogs everywhere whose birthday or gotcha date is in September. We’ll announce the winner in October when we’ll launch the October Bowser Birthday Club. In the meantime, happy birthday to our dog buddies with September birthdays!

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  • Theresa Spaid

    It’s Kota’s birthday this month. I don’t really know what the day is but I do know its September 2000 that he was born so he is 12 yrs old now.

  • Kristine L.

    CeeCee’s birthday is this month. She is a rescue and we “gave” her
    September 25th as her birthday. This will be the first birthday that
    she will be celebrating with us, and we are all excited! She will be
    two years old 🙂

  • Coco Chanel Bella’s birthday was this past Saturday. September 8th. She turned 7 years young!

  • sandy weinstein

    Evie, myoldest child turned 12 on 9-12. she was born the day after 9-11. i was living in va. near the pentagon. 12 yrs have gone by so fast….it scares me. thank goodness she is in good health. god be willing she will be around another 12….she is dressed up for st.patty’s day….she had ” kiss me, i’m irish” going down her backside.

  • My Lily was born on Sept. 5 nine years ago! She is still my baby dog!

  • This is Junebug! I got him in Sept. 2006. He is my baby boy!