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**This giveaway is closed. Out of 4045 entries, our winner is Chelsea R. Congratulations!**

How does your dog welcome you home? The unconditional love that our dogs give us each and every day starts with welcoming us home (even if we’ve just been gone for five minutes!)

To celebrate that unconditional love, Iams recently asked pet lovers to choose the stories on the Iams Facebook or YouTube page to select the stories of love that resonated most with them. The winners will be featured  on national TV this month, all designed to show that high-quality food can keep a dog as strong as their love!

One lucky DogTipper reader will win the prize basket shown above including a pet bed, Iams food, toys, and more!

How to Enter

Tell us — or show us with a photo — how your dog welcomes you home! You can enter with either comment field below but, if you use the Disqus comment field, you can attach a photo. (Note: you’ll need to give the photo a moment to load; if you submit your comment too soon, the photo won’t upload.) If you have any problems with uploads, just email your photo with “Iams” in the subject line to

Since this contest includes food that can’t be shipped internationally, this contest is limited to US mailing addresses.

This giveaway ends at 12:01am ET on Dec. 14, 2012. Good luck!

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Disclosure: Iams is providing the prizes for this giveaway.

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  • Sharon Gilbert

    Schooner and Skipper are watching out the window and when they see me drive in the driveway they are at the door waiting with a toy in their mouths. They bring me one of their very favorite toys. Then they want to give me kisses. It is a joy to walk in the house to their unconditional love everyday.

  • Theresa Spaid

    My dogs jump all over and are very vocal when I come home

  • Amy Orvin

    Toby gets so excited when I get home. I open out my arms to her and she runs and jumps in them . I give her tons of kisses and hugs. That’s our thing that we do every time I come home.

  • LyricInTime2803

    Cheyenne is always waiting right at the door for me, then doesn’t leave my side again if possible. Shiloh waits for me in the living room because he loves to play chase/hide and seek- but he is overjoyed when he does find/catch me!

  • Danielle Murgia

    She waits at the door with a toy in her mouth. She waits in one window and the cat waits in the other.

  • amyc

    Mine likes to come up behind you and stick her nose in my rear

  • victoria

    when they get excited, they grab different shoes and run around showing them off

  • Catie

    Dexter greets me every day by running and getting a toy, then running up to me and showing it to me! The entire time his whole butt is wagging – cutest thing ever!

  • Tara

    My dog always greets me very excitedly. He also follows me around everywhere I go.

  • bud L

    He wags his little stumby tail jumps and barks and if hes really happy he does “turbo” time in the living room

  • my dog Oreo runs into the other room and grabs the biggest and heavyest bone and brings it to me then waits for his treat lol.

  • Our dog jumps up and gives us lots of kisses and high fives when we get home.

  • She always gets up with a wagging tail even if she’s asleep when I get home.

  • Aimee O


  • Aimee

    My second comment…but with a photo! :o)

  • Max always meets me at the door and jumps on me when I get home, he also always cuddles with me at bedtime

  • My Bentley greets me with his tail wagging a mile a minute and him jumping up and down for me to pick him up. Lol

  • Coco waits for me by the door every night when I come home from work by either sitting by the front door or sitting in the window. As soon as she sees my car pull up she stands up and her butt and tail start wiggling like crazy and she paws at the door for someone to open it so she can run out to me. Then she jumps all over me and kisses me!

  • Wiggle butts and face licks! 🙂

  • Skylar Edwards

    Bell (Jack russell terrier) jumps , wigges , licks ,barks , (and sometimes even bites). this picture is bell up on the top of her chair , perched watching over our living room!She also “sings” when we pull in the driveway!(along with our 8 other dogs)
    She likes to ride in the car too, she is starting to travel is baseball games with us!

    • Skylar Edwards


    • Skylar Edwards


  • Linda Szymoniak

    I get greeted by five Treeing Walker Coonhounds – the four younger ones give me kisses and jump up to be the first, while my senior girl is patient and waits until the others clear out to give me her share of love.

  • Jen S

    My dogs are always overjoyed to see us when we get home.

  • margie54

    Lots of barking, tail wagging, jumping and kisses await anyone who enters!!!

  • sandy weinstein

    my 3 girls are waiting at the door, as i unlock the door, they are jumping, barking, scratching the door (which is a mess now, trying to stop them from this),,,as soon as i walk in the door, it is pick me up, all 3 want me to pick them up, while the shower me w/ kisses and hugs….the baby clings to me like dear life….the oldest child has to sniff thru all of the shopping bags to see if i bought her anything….she will even jump in the car to go thru the bags that i have not brought in yet…if she finds nothing she looks at me w/ a why expression…where is something for me? since i live on a dirt road, abt a mile from most of my neighbors they can see my car coming down the long driveway….i know they are starting to wait and bark as soon as they see my car…

  • Our dogs run and bark, Lashing tails become dangerous weapons:) Ivan gets his ball and wants to play as soon as we get home.

  • mdweitzel

    Steel meeting me at the door.

  • rlweitzel

    Tag use to lay on her bed until I hit the treat jar and then she was my Tag-a-long.

  • njweitzel

    Molimo always comes with a smile, wag and kiss.

  • Brittany C.

    Remy shows us unconditional love because no matter what mood we’re in, he’s always happy, ready to play and sleeps at the foot of our bed.

  • This is my Bassador Jaba Du Hutt who is always glad to see us.

  • Gianna

    Happy barking and tail wagging.

  • since they are “kenneled” one of my dogs jumps up on the door and whines until I open it, then she runs crazily around until I pet her. My 14 year old brings me a toy and wants to be peted.

  • chelsea r

    Our girl greets us at the door wagging her tail, and she then runs and picks out a toy to impress us!

  • Joanne Gregory

    My dogs are always so glad to see me. They wiggle all over and tails fly!

  • I have 2 special dogs in my life!!! Jaeger is my neighbors dog and he comes to my house to get me for walks. If he sees my car he runs up to it looking for me. He is a great dog. Bella is my best friends dog and she always acts as if she hasn’t seen me in 3 weeks. She wiggles, squirms, and twists with happiness. Then she searches my pockets and purse for goodies. Sorry this is so long :). I just love my 4 legged friends 🙂

  • Phoenixtl

    With a great deal of noise & mighty kisses!

  • Joanne Gregory

    My huggie bear Rocket!