Winners: CatTipper/Fancy Feast Totes

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We had a fun giveaway over on for TWENTY canvas tote bags featuring the CatTipper logo on one side and the Fancy Feast cat on the other! Our winners were:

  • Robert B. (IL)
  • Jason D. (PA)
  • Mandy H. (PA)
  • Jennifer E. (IL)
  • Nancy N. (IA)
  • Tara L. (AR)
  • Giovanna K. (MN)
  • Katharine D. (TX)
  • Beth S. (GA)
  • Milene M. (MO)
  • Angie L. (OH)
  • Kathyrn M. (VA)
  • Maggie A., (IN)
  • Raine D. (NY)
  • Renee R. (AR)
  • Jennifer R. (CO)
  • Marysa N. (NY)
  • Debbie P. (MI)
  • Alyce P. (NJ)
  • Nicole P. (MA)

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About Paris Permenter

Paris Permenter is an award-winning author of over 30 pet and travel books. Along with her husband, John Bigley, Paris is the founder and publisher of CatTipper and DogTipper.

  • Raine

    Thank you SO much!!!

  • Maggie A

    Thank you! Do we need to send you our address?

  • alyce poalillo

    Do I need to give you info to claim my tote? Thanks so much

  • Raine

    I didn’t get an email either-just checking to see how we get our info to you-thank you :)

    • Jason Diehl

      we had to put in our mailing address when we did the entries for the contest, I haven’t received any emails either about winning, so I assume they are just sending them out

      • AngelaLilly

        that is what I am assuming too!

  • AngelaLilly

    Thanks so very much!!!!