Win “You’re My Dawg, Dog: A Lexicon of Dog Terms for People”

You’re My Dawg, Dog: a Lexicon of Dog Terms for People, written by award-winning author Donald Friedman and illustrated by New York Times Op-Ed creator and designer, J.C. Suarès, is the clever and charmingly illustrated 94-page book that every one of the 78 million pet dogs in this country will want to get for his person! On a single page, you will find quotes from Shakespeare and Rihanna, Pre-Socratic philosophers, Black Sabbath and the NASDAQ.

DogTipper is giving one lucky dog two copies of the book (one for the winner and his or her favorite dog lover), using the Rafflecopter below. Meanwhile, here’s an excerpt from the book. Take a sniff!

Hot dog (n) A precooked sausage, a frankfurter or weiner, usually served on a bun and de rigueur cuisine at a baseball game. From the early accusation that dog was the primary constituent of the emulsified meat that is stuffed in the casing. 2. (adj) Someone who performs daredevil stunts or shows off. “Herb, ever the hot dog at chess, loved to offer his queen in sacrifice.” Sometimes used pejoratively to describe a self-aggrandizing or nonteam player. 3. An exclamation of pleasure; also “hot diggity dog!” With the exception of Pat Boone and maybe Sarah Palin, last known public use was in 1958.

Dog’s breath (n) Abusive slang for the halitosis suffered by some people, implying, of course, that dogs’ exhalations are malodorous

Lucky dog (n) A very fortunate person, sometimes used to imply undeservedly so. “Herb, that lucky dog, won the lottery the same week his company Amalgamated Schmaltz was awarded a no-bid, cost-plus military supply contract for Iraq, and Paramount gave him a million dollars for the rights to his story.”

Underdog (n) The person, group, or entity expected to lose a competition or a political race. Election night, 1948, Truman was so much the underdog that the Chicago Tribune confidently headlined Dewey as victor even before the results were in.

Big dog (n) The boss, an important personage, or the most competitive in a field. 2. The constellation Canis Major. 3. The Boston Dynamics Big Dog robot, which looks and sounds like a giant mutated insect, can carry several hundred pounds for hours over any kind of terrain without losing its balance even when violently kicked from the side or traversing black ice, and without complaint. See it on YouTube.

From You’re My Dawg, Dog: A Lexicon of Dog Terms for People by Donald Friedman & J.C. Suarès. Welcome Books. © 2013 Donald Friedman. Illustrations © 2013 J.C. Suarès.

Got a “dog” term you didn’t see in the book? Send it in to Welcome Books and you could win a You’re My Dawg, Dog poster. Go to the  page at READERS’ SUGGESTED DOG TERMS for details.

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