Get a Free Kumfy Tailz Cooling Harness at #AmazingPetExpo

Preston models the Kumfy Tailz harness as he prepares for San Antonio's warm weather!

We’ve got a super deal to share with our readers!! You’ll remember Kumfy Tailz, the warming and cooling harnesses that hosted a great post-Super Dog Sunday™ event with giveaways to many members of our Super Dog Sunday™ Cheer Team. This company, which has donated over $23,000 in harnesses recently to shelters and rescues, offered harnesses to Cheer Team members and either a reader or the blogger’s favorite rescue so that other dogs can use these harnesses with its Kumfy Pax warming and cooling pack that fits in a sleeve inside the harness.

Now, thanks to Kumfy Tailz, we’ve got some free neoprene harnesses to continue the Event Barkers’ spirit of Super Dog Sunday™ and to share with DogTipper, Preston Speaks, and All Things Dog Blog readers! With San Antonio’s hot summers, these harnesses (valued at approximately $50) will help some lucky canines stay cool!

We’ll have a limited number (and limited sizes) of free Kumfy Tailz harnesses available at our booth with this Saturday at the San Antonio Pet Expo. (Psst…if you’re close to Houston on April 13, mark that day on your calendar for a giveaway at the Houston Pet Expo, too.)

To get your free harness, come up to the and booth at the San Antonio Pet Expo and let us know you’re a reader! As mentioned, we have a limited number and limited sizes so please come by early. (Can’t make it to the expo? Just visit the website to order a warming/cooling harness for your dog.)

We’ll be donating any remaining harnesses at our booth to a rescue at the expo so watch for photos after the Expo! These harnesses have been put to good use by many shelters and rescues through Kumfy Tailz’ donation program and have been used to treat dogs coming in with hypo and hyperthermia, to provide comfort to scared animals or those in shock, for post-op to reduce swelling and cover stitches so dog can’t get at them, and even to send home with patients/adoptive parents for ongoing care.

To learn more, follow the Kumfy Tailz  Facebook page, follow on Twitter, or visit their website.

We hope to see you Saturday at the San Antonio Pet Expo!

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