Why We Love Petfinder Foundation


As you know, along with AllThingsDogBlog.com, we’re co-hosting Super Dog Sunday™ photo contest which culminates this Sunday when the “big game” kicks off! We’re proud to say that this annual event, now in its fourth year, always benefits Petfinder Foundation thanks to the generosity of event sponsors.

We’re especially happy to help Petfinder Foundation since, after all, we’ve used Petfinder to adopt three members of our furry family. (As for the other three, two, Felix and Linus, were adopted before Petfinder grew to be the adoption superstar it is today; the third, Coco, was a stray found at our local post office!)

Our three Petfinder adoptions have been Irie, Tiki, and Inca. We can’t say enough about the good work that they do not only to publicize all the great adoptable pets waiting in shelters and rescues through Petfinder.com but to help the shelters and rescues themselves through Petfinder Foundation.

Will you join us in helping to publicize the great adoptable pets looking for forever homes with an entry in the Super Dog Sunday™ photo contest? Along with football-themed photos of your own pets, you can enter photos of an adoptable pet and easily give it a football theme using Image Chef, a free service.

This little Aussie mix at the Austin Animal Center is tugging at my heartstrings so I made a quick little entry for him. (Doesn’t he look like our Tiki??!) His Petfinder URL is http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/27593978 I first pulled his photo from Petfinder….


Next, I visited ImageChef.com, uploaded his photo, and chose the football stadium photo frame.

I uploaded his photo, added his number, then downloaded the photo to my desktop. That’s it!


When you submit your Petfinder photo to the contest, also be sure to include the dog’s shelter name (or, as in this case, number), city and state and their Petfinder number. The URL for his photo is http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/27593978 so his Petfinder number is 27593978.

Once you’re done, just email your photo to eventbarkers@gmail.com along with your name, and the Petfinder info for the adoptable dog. That’s it! The giveaway ends at kickoff on Sunday!

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