Pre-Game Super Dog Sunday Giveaway! (2 winners!)


It’s time for the pre-game show…I mean giveaway!

As we told you last week, the Super Dog Sunday™ football-themed photo contest has kicked off and, for the fourth year in a row, will benefit Petfinder Foundation. Thanks to Platinum Sponsor Nature’s Logic and the added attention that all your photo entries and sharing will generate, we know Petfinder Foundation will be able to do even MORE good work in 2014!

Now it’s time to kick off the pre-event giveaways. We’ll have two winners, each receiving Nature’s Logic and a surprise bag of dog goodies from Event Barkers! One winner will be selected from all the #SuperDogSunday Tweets (you’ll find some pre-written Tweets in the widget below to make it super easy) and one winner selected from all the entries in the widget.

How to Enter

We’ve got a lot of ways to enter in the widget below; you can enter with as many or as few methods as you like. You can return to the widget anytime for more entries or enter on our partner’s site, And don’t forget to check the Super Dog Sunday™ launch post for information on how to submit your photos! Good luck!



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Disclosure: Through our Event Barkers partnership, we are working on this charitable event. All proceeds benefit Petfinder Foundation.

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  • Abby C

    my girls and I are not big football fans, but their pop pop roots for Alabama, so we do too!

  • yipperbear

    Yikes!! The tweets are waaaaay too long. Help.

    • Thanks; the widget was supposed to shorten the link automatically; I’ve replaced it was a manually shortened link so it’s all fixed. Thanks for letting me know! Paris

  • Jennifer P

    Your tweets are impossible. They can’t be sent as is. And of course my pet is routing for the 49ers. Is there any other team?

    • Thanks; I’ve replaced the link that was supposed to be shortened automatically with a new link!

  • Jennifer P

    PS: Left out most of the tweet info since your link takes up most of the allowed characters.

    • Thanks for letting me know! The widget was supposed to shorten the link but didn’t; I’ve replaced the link with a shortened link myself so it’s fixed now! Paris

      • Jennifer P

        Thanks for letting me know. Went in and retweeted both tweets.

  • Jennifer P

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  • Susan Broughton

    We don’t watch many football teams so I am just shooting in the dark with the 49er’s

  • Jenna Z

    We don’t watch sports but we will be watching puppy bowl!!

  • Amy Orvin

    We don’t watch football or any sports. It actually makes my stomach hurt.

  • cole mckinnon

    Both of my cats, Nellie and Skittles, along with my GS Chalie, are cheering for the New England Patriots!

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    Me and my dogs are cheering for the Denver Bronco’s. Just don’t tell my KC Chiefs fan hubby that!

  • rcatbarr


  • Dorothy Hubbard

    I am not a football fan but because I live 1 state away, I’ll go for KC

  • sandy weinstein

    i have no idea, b/c i dont watchthe games or even know who is playing, so i guess carolina

  • CandieL

    My pet is cheering on the 49ers. Thank you

  • I don’t watch football, so I’m not really cheering for any team.

  • Carey Runzel-Oberly

    My dogs luv the 49ers!

  • Rachel T

    She doesn’t care. She just likes to be a part of all the excitement and attention from people gathering.

  • sherry butcher

    He did not care because we do not usually watch football.

  • Ruckus the Eskie

    49ers of course!

  • Kelly Ann T

    Artie is cheering the Colts.

  • CarolynH6

    We cheer for the cowboys, but our other team is the 49ers.

  • Kathy K

    Denver!! We are big Manning Fans!

  • Mia Dentice Carey

    Since the Steelers are out…the 49-ers

  • Wes Hovorka

    My dog roots for the Patriots!!!

  • Joy

    my dog is for Patriots, but now it has to be the Broncos

  • Jessica S.

    We’re Broncos fans here! Lzzy has been rocking her Broncos collar all season!

  • amweeks

    Well, my Ozzy WAS cheering for the Pats until they lost this past weekend. Now he likes Denver & Seattle equally, and will probably just be cheering for lots of touchdowns from both teams.

  • jeanette sheets


  • Wendy Mastin


  • Deven

    The broncos!

  • LyricInTime2803

    To be honest- I don’t even have a clue who’s playing. I usually cheer for the packers when they play because so many family members and friends like them, but I have little preference. I usually switch between the commercials and the puppy bowl =)


    Murphy is rooting for Denver with daddy. Izzo is going to watch the puppy bowl with mom instead.

  • Linda Gabbard

    They are cheering the Broncos om

    Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  • Shelley Joy P

    My pets are cheering for the Seattle Seahawks.

  • Darlene Carbajal


  • Ruby Bahena

    my pets team is not participating anymore so they wont cheer for anyone,lol

  • Terry L Cover

    My dog loves taming horses, so he has picked the Broncos

  • Amanda Heck & Cat Rocco

    My cat Rocco and I this year will be cheering for The Denver Broncos! We are huge a eagles fans, but since they are not in the Super Bowl, we must cheer the Broncos on…

  • Lisa F.

    My pets are cheering for hockey! ; ) (We’re not into football!)